'Spore' iPhone May Connect To 'Spore' PC... Someday

"Spore" is coming to more than the PC and Mac in September, but the experience is - a little - limited. EA wants to fix that.

One of the big draws of "Spore" is the potentially unlimited supply of user-generated content from the Sporepedia. You can't do that on the iPhone, mobile or DS versions of "Spore." Not yet, anyway.

While checking out the minimalist iPhone version at E3 (it's only the amoeba stage), MTV frowned at the lack of interoperability with the rest of the "Spore" universe. A nearby Electronic Arts representative told them the developers are looking into the issue.

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Caxtus7503822d ago

that means

Just a dream - but a cool one though.

PS360WII3822d ago

You never know it could happen. I'll be getting this game on my iPhone for sure. It'll be fun one to play... I wonder how the Wii version is going?

MikeGdaGod3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

I just got my iPhone today. Typing this on it right now :)


snakebite363821d ago

awesome. that Calvin's onion suit.