10 of Your Favorite Video Game Characters Turned into Peanuts Characters

In an effort to promote The Peanuts Movie, a website has been created where you can “Peanutize” yourself with a custom-made avatar. So what was the first thing we at Twinfinite thought to do? Peanutize our favorite video game characters, of course!

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Crispyleeks1213d ago

Geralt even looks bad ass peanutized

Relientk771213d ago

Sephiroth's evil Peanut face lol

Summons751213d ago

It makes it better when you realize the other two are clearly hiding behind the fence

Zotaku871213d ago

That may or may not be why I intentionally chose that background for him.

GigawattConduit1213d ago

Every video game should have a Peanuts filter from now on

Sinexx1213d ago

Hopefully Lucy doesn't pull the football out from underneath Sephiroth, he might drop her with a Super Nova.

lameguy1213d ago

Well, ugh, you know how he handles women... so ughm, might not just be a Super Nova (at least that's survivable)

Sinexx1213d ago

Why would you bring up those terrible memories? You are a monster, sir.