What's The Best Price For PlayStation VR?

We know the name of Sony's VR Headset. We know the approximate date of it's launch date. What we don't know is how much is this piece of hardware worth? PoliGames shares it's thoughts on how much this piece of hardware should cost. But, how much would you pay for a VR experience.

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freshslicepizza1746d ago

if it is of decent quality i expect a price of $299. however with that price the market will be limited much like oculus.

the key is software and i don't see sony or anyone else fully committing to morpheus that would be a huge seller that gets big marketing. this is why the delay for no mans land is likely sony wanting morpheus to launch with it.

i want to be proven wrong. i want to see sony support morpheus and not treat it as a peripheral. they say it is its own platform, lets see them put their money where their mouth is and support it with decent games. not tech demo's or smaller indie style games. that won't cut it if it's going to be $300.

shadowknight2031746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Ill be the first to admit I'm a sony fanboy - and a microsoft hater. But I do not see VR taking off like many would like to see it do ( as would I). Games games games would have to really sell this bad boy, not just exclusive games but games made withiut vr in mind would have to adapt their games for the technology. VR needs to be coded so that it is easy to develope for and update exisiting games or soonish to be released games for the technology. You could sell it for 249.99 or as low as 199.99 and if there isn't a market for it, if there isn't enough appeal for it, people will not see the demand in it to have. That being said it will probably sell for around 349.99 upwards to 399.99$. 299.99 doesn't seem reasonable considering the tech inside a gadget that is newly developed by sony and hasn't seen market share growth yet, albeit a few competitors.
Ontop of that there is a concern for motion sickness a problem for the consumer to invest in such a high dollar device that can potentially not be used or not used for long durations of time.

JUST MY TWO CENTS no need to flag it.

UltraNova1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

In order for PS VR to succeed, SONY needs to effectively demonstrate that they are dead serious about the term "new/separate platform".

1. They need to show VR exclusive games and present a clear long term plan of making new ones.

2. Announce a killer launch line up consisting of AAAs, unigue VR experiences and announce more games to come in the future.

3. Add movie support (movie theater simulation, like watching an Imax movie, no need for 3D)I cannot stress how important this is.

4. Announce an update program for all Sony exclusive IPs to be upgraded in VR (just for viewing with the exact same controller setup, no complex VR hand motion tracking etc)in the future by creating an internal studio just for turning their IPs in VR for a small fee (not exceeding $5) or better, for free and make sure they commit on delivering this update within 3-6 months of a new game's release. e.g. announce that the Uncharted collection will be upgraded to VR...yeah that's what I call a bombshell..

5. Max price $250. They need to take the hit initially if they ever want PS VR to succeed.

Well these ^^^ are my thoughts. If they go along these lines who wouldn't jump on board?

MysticStrummer1746d ago

Yeah $299 would be my upper limit for a day one purchase I think, unless they announce that several big games will work with it out of the box. If they want it to sell well the price can't be much higher than that I imagine.

ABizzel11746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Mass Market Appeal: $199 (+20m units lifetime sales)
PS fans: $299 (10m - 20m lifetime sales)

Realistically: $299

Thatguy-3101746d ago

300$ by itself
400$-VR headset with camera and move controls. They're going to have to bundle it with the camera and controls. No way are people going to go out of their way to get them. Think that's what they're planning since it's going to launch at a price like a new platform

MCTJim1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

yup....its going to be equal to or a bit more than the cost of the console. $399 is going to be the market price when this hits. Unfortunately, people that think this will be better than Oculus are going to be on the disappointed side of the coin. You cant based on price point make a VR system that is going to cost 199-299 without severe downgrades. I would be willing to say that it will sell like hotcakes when it first releases, but once the initial appeal is over, it wont sell much afterwards.

S2Killinit1746d ago

I think it will be around that, but slightly higher. Something like $349.99. A sony rep already implied that the PSVR will be "around the price of a console, and will launch along with 10 games". From that I think its safe to say that the price will be somewhere between 350-425. I would like to bet on the lower but it might be more.

Either way, I'm glad they didn't cheap out and sell us something at 250 which would be ridiculously low for what needs to be in there for it to be a viable VR option. Now if later they drop the price, all the better.

Dir_en_grey1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Hopefully there's going to be a price drop for PS4 down to $349 and PSVR matching that would have a Camera and a PS Move. and $299 for those who already have the Camera.

From the reviews the quality is much higher than $299 but hopefully Sony can make the price low to appeal to the mass market.

PSVR is basically a big screen monitor that you can take to any room you want because of how portable PS4 is, that alone is a big plus over other PC based VR headset imo, because you can simply move to a room where you can move around, or better lighting or whatever, without having to worry about moving a heavy PC rig.

There's news on Japanese gaming sites that I didn't see on N4G yet, which is Yoshida saying most Japanese 3rd party developers have jumped on board and is developing PSVR games with their own IP's. So full on Japanese 3rd party support and hopefully US/Europe side will do the same.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Do you have that article? I believe you, but it'd be interesting to see which developers :D hopefully that means it's easy to develop for

What's to stop me from doing that with any other headset? Trick question, you can't with either unless you want lag on lag on lag. My DS4, wireless M+KB and PS3 controllers get input lag using either streaming tech like PSTV or Steamlink, even in the next room the audio starts to cut out on my headphones

Also where have you heard that it can replace the monitor? That is already possible with programs for DK2 but it can't be portable, nor can PSVR as the camera has a cord, yes?

Please check facts...

Dir_en_grey1745d ago


Here's an article in English:

Also I don't know why you are so dense in the head and trying to argue about portability. Do you even own a PS4 and know how small and light it is?

I'm not talking about some wireless video transfer I'm talking about just move your PS4, Camera and PSVR to any room you want. Yes they are all small enough you can put everything on top of the PS4 and carry it in one trip.

Do you understand the concept of a VR headset? you don't need a TV screen or monitor cuz you wear that on your head...

Come on people use your brains it's not that hard of a concept.

triple_c1746d ago


I agree.. 2 major things will help determine if the device will succeed or not

1. The device doesn't only need VR games but it also needs to be compatible with AAA games since AAA games appeal to a broader gaming audience. Gran Turismo 7 is a perfect example of an AAA game that should have VR and I have a feeling it will have VR.

2. The item needs to be priced to appeal to the mass market. $299 us a good price and I'll definitely buy one as long as it doesn't cost anymore than that. If the headset is more than $299 than it's going to have a very hard time penetrating the market.

This device may flop but and I'm honestly not too confident it will do well but hey, I appreciate the fact that Sony is taking risk's and is trying to popularize VR and help bring it to console gaming and that's what I like about Sony, they take more risk's than they're competitors and they're willing to make risky investments and take chances with certain things instead of playing it safe all the time. They are really pushing the industry forward by doing this and if the PlayStation VR takes off then you can definitely expect the other console competitors to start investing heavily in VR and follow suit.

Tobsesan1746d ago

Risks just like ps move? I mean everything they try already has its install base and isnt risky at all (oculus,wii,kinect) If they price it right its a no brainer

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AizenSosuke1746d ago

$250 would be the best price for VR but $300 would not be bad.

S2Killinit1746d ago

they already implied it would be "around the price of a console". Which I assume will be something like 350-425. I imagine that at that price it will include a camera. So maybe the camera less bundle will be slightly cheaper. I'm also going to assume that it will have some sort of 'sample' game in the bundle.

Godmars2901746d ago

$200, though I suspect that Move will add to price.

MasterCornholio1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Move isn't required. However the camera is.

MysticStrummer1746d ago

I'll be shocked if it's as low as $199, but it would be a nice surprise.

S2Killinit1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

it can't be. At that price it will not be a proper VR option. The oculus is going to cost much more than that. I would hope that Sony doesn't cheap out on us.

MasterCornholio1746d ago

Around 299$ sounds reasonable to me.

Genuine-User1746d ago

I would say around £300.

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