Loot Crate´s Fallout 4 limited edition crate

I know that most of you are waiting for Fallout 4 like a bunch of hungry vultures around a dying animal (and rightfully so). However, as we all know Fallout 4 won´t be released until the 10th of November. Well, this awesome Fallout 4 limited-edition crate "might" cheer you up a bit.

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-Foxtrot1125d ago

Hmmm, glad I didn't pre order this.

Not what i was expecting although it's only two items out of many

TGG_overlord1125d ago

What did you expect? Two items? I thought they said that there would be a "bunch" of items?

scottd1124d ago

its 7 items total including the hoodie and the dog.

Kane221124d ago

sorry, im not spending a $100+ in hopes something good comes out of it....

howiewowwee1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

I am so tired of these special orders. Put more effort into making great games instead of all this fluff.

TGG_overlord1124d ago

As far as I know, most of this stuff is done by outside companies. So Bethseda won´t have to waste any time on it (they just use their PR budget to cover stuff such as this). Nevertheless, I will still try to get one for giveaway purposes.