Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance Ps4 Review | Otaku Gamers UK

The latest review from Otaku Gamers UK is by Des Mayer for the Playstation 4 release of Disgaea 5 Alliance of Vengeance.

"Disgaea 5 is the sixth entry in the series and the first to be released on the PS4. Disgaea 5 is a simple story of revenge. The main narrative revolves around the demon emperor, Dark Void who has taken over numerous Netherworlds with the help of his large army of The Lost. However though, the former Overlords of these Netherworlds (and those of ones that have not fallen yet), are rising up to defeat Dark Void. Along the way you will meet fellow Overlords, bizarre enemies and entertaining minions serving under Dark Void. The main characters that depict the story are Killia (who has his own personal vendetta against Dark Void) and Seraphine (a princess Overlord who has run away from her home world due to a dispute in an arranged marriage). Together, with your own personal army of fighters, you traverse the multiple Netherworlds to fight back The Lost with...

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