The Vita Still Has Life in It…In Japan Anyway

The Vita hasn't been getting much love recently, but after TGS there are some really exciting titles on the way.

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FTLmaster1124d ago

Man Dragon Quest Builders looks rad - bring it West Sony!

shocked6861124d ago

Definitely looks interesting. Hope it makes its way over.

3-4-51124d ago

Japan has always gotten a decent amount of Vita games compared to the U.S.

ZeroSkerbo1124d ago

I still love my vita, even if its just for ps plus stuff

MPScrimshaw1124d ago

Hey, this isn't a 3DS, I must be on the wrong article....

B_Rickaby1124d ago

I need more Vita games to play...........

callumjack1124d ago

World of Final Fantasy is definitely getting played on PS4,I'll skip vita

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