ZTGD | Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance Review

Jae Lee writes: Having been a fan of the Disgaea series ever since its very first incarnation on the PS2, I’ve followed Nippon Ichi Software’s flagship franchise closely over the years.

While the series has revealed itself to be more keen on being an iterative experience than an innovative or evolutionary one, it has kept my interest throughout the years all the same, thanks to its strong foundation and tweaks/new additions to the gameplay.

Keeping true to their previous inclinations, Disagea 5 proves to be a great game with the same fanatic SRPG gameplay fans have come to expect, but falls short of true excellence due to a misstep in the post-game content.

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S2Killinit1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

played the demo for Disgaea 5 last night fir the first time. I think im going to like this game. Ive never played anything in the same category as this. If you like anime and strategy, this one is for you. I suggest trying the demo first to see what its like first.

Now i know why people bring this game up when they talk about PS4 exclusives.

DragonDDark1124d ago

Agreed man. This game is gonna be awesome.

EmptySkyForm1124d ago

Disgaea 2 is by far my favorite. Make sure to try that one out!

3-4-51124d ago

Played 1&2 for PSP, and now Disgaea 4 for Vita.

Really good gaming series, and if I ever get a PS4, this is one of the first games I'd buy.

I wish there were more tactics type games made.

Scatpants1124d ago

If you like this try the Final Fantasy Tactics games on the DS and GBA. I feel they're a little more accessible and I like the jobs in those games better. Disgaea is really fun too though.

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blackblades1124d ago

After playing the demo, made me wanna play it even more and it been awhile since I played a disgaea game. Can't wait for that sale to happen.

AceBlazer131124d ago

what i love about the disagea games is the lack of acknowledgement for the 4th wall. hope 5 keeps it up in that regard.