Is Dishonored 2 Getting Delayed?

Dishonored 2 may be pushed back further than spring 2016.

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Relientk771123d ago

Regardless I'm getting it day one, whenever it does come out

RosweeSon1123d ago

Yeah it can only be a good thing they are taking extra time with it, first game was brilliant really looking forward to this but March 2016 is already looking pretty tasty Apr-Sep is fine by me.

AizenSosuke1123d ago

Sad news but still getting it day one.

arkard1123d ago

Sucks, but spring is looking busy with games already so maybe a summer release wouldn't be so bad

Agent_00_Revan1123d ago

This happens every year. Spring these past few years have been almost/just as busy as the holiday season.

DxTrixterz1123d ago

I think of instead of getting specific release dates games should be "coming out when done" seeing as pretty much every game gets delayed nowadays.

gillri1122d ago

Yes I completely agree, Im all for games getting delayed if it means a more polished product, im playing TW3 now and just encountered a quest glitch which has really annoyed me because I waited 4 months to play a more polished version of it even if D2 come out as late as September/October that is fine with me

hiredhelp1123d ago

Its shame aif its delayed but if it means for the better then thats cool.

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The story is too old to be commented.