ZTGD | Persona 4: Dancing All Night Review

Jae Lee writes: When I first heard about Persona 4: Dancing All Night, I thought it was an elaborate joke. I was almost sure that it was a prank by a fan with too much time on his hands, poking fun at how the Persona series has been branching out into different genres as of late (P4A/P4Q come to mind).

It was only after I saw some actual gameplay that I believed this was a real thing, and the only thought that lingered in my mind was, “why?”

Who asked for this?

However, I remembered that both Persona 4 Arena and Persona Q ended up being great games in their own right, and decided to check out Dancing All Night to sate my morbid curiosity.

After dancing several of nights away, it seems the folks at Atlus were intent on shaming me for my eagerness to write off the concept, as they have another winner on their hands.

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