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"Happy Home Designer is an amusing spin-off of the Animal Crossing formula, it's just a shame it lacks the wealth of content we've come to expect from the series." - Nintendo Feed

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luckytrouble1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

How did you give this an 8/10? You spend half the review explaining the game mechanics, which basically boils down to "they are simple and work as intended", mention that there is no real feedback or reward, that amiibo card functionality is lazily implemented/distributed and fairly worthless, and then you spend your conclusion citing the various ways the game falls short as a retail release.

Your review sounds a whole lot more like a 6.8/10 to me. A number that signifies that you can appreciate what's there, but none if it is really justified by the cost or content. It almost feels like an 8 was settled on simply because it's Animal Crossing, which is exactly what Nintendo is aiming for, and exactly why this game doesn't deserve to succeed. It's a low effort cash-in.

SilverClock1746d ago

I'll wait for the Wii U one. Surely there will be one. New Leaf was awesome though, so I'm not stressing about it.