Super Mario Maker's Maybe Hardest Level Ever; 5 Hours To Make, 9 Hours To Beat

Yes, that meant it took the creator 9 hours to finish the level so he could upload it. I personally identify twenty-one separate steps you need to take to finish it.

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Loadedklip1126d ago

I want tough but FAIR levels. This is too much.

3-4-51126d ago

at some point fun has to factor in.

Loadedklip1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

This requires an extremely specific setup. I don't consider that fair. I beaten Batman 1 NES,Zelda II: AoL, Ninja Gaiden 1,2, Ninja Gaiden Black in its hardest setting, DMC 3, F-Zero GX Master mode, Jet Force Gemini, Halo 3 on Legendary, Resident Evil 5,6 on Professional.

I love tough games. Just be fair about it. This is too specific of a setup. It's doable ... but not if you didn't watch this video of it first. You would be clueless as to what to do if you ran into this stage randomly.

_-EDMIX-_1125d ago

"Resident Evil 5,6"


The set-up is so specific you need to memorize all the correct movements and jumps and timing to actually pull the level off.

Fair? OH because it isn't just mindless shooting like in RE5 and 6 huh? Oh so you mean "Destiny" hard? just has a lot of life "hard"? Not actual time, skill and focus hard?

Those games you played are hard indeed...this is on another level of hard that only a few can really master. I've seen it first had as I'm friends with some of those who not only beat those games you played pretty damn easily too....they are setting world records in titles and beating some of these stages...

This requires real skill and patience to actually pull off. It may be not be considered "fair" to you (not even sure the relevance of that lol) but its doable to many gamers who actually very much game like this.

Consider the hard mode on Final Fantasy for the west was actually the NORMAL mode for the US versions.

Maybe its not hard, maybe your just use to playing games that are not as hard as others really find them to be and this is the truest level of "hard".

Summons751126d ago

Stupid hard and nearly impossible levels don't impress me. I give stars to well thought out levels that have good design and are tough but you can actually complete without going into a fit of rage.

I'll try levels like these but if I can't get them within 10 tries then they clearly didn't design the level well.

AlphaKennyOne1126d ago

There are people who like levels like this. Just because the level is insanely hard doesn't mean it's bad.

_-EDMIX-_1126d ago

you mean soft levels?


They too soft, thus the level must be bad....dat soft logic lol! Stick to easy levels Mr.Rogers...

"I'll try levels like these but if I can't get them within 10 tries then they clearly didn't design the level well"

?? LOL Nope, your merely not that good. Bud...on the lost SMB2 levels, it would take near 100 tries sometimes to beat some of those levels, some of the BEST levels on this game legit take close to 80 to 100 guys.

We have games for you if you want that, its called Barbie Horse Racing - Don Mattrick voice!

Summons751126d ago

I didn't say soft or easy troll, way to try and spin what I said. I like game design, well done....well thought out....difficult doable. Not these troll levels that are nearly impossible to beat. It's not that I'm bad, I'm just smart enough not to fall for the trap of getting mad and rage quitting. I'll stop when I had enough and ten tries is when the music starts getting annoying on some levels. Lost Levels wasn't terrible and yes I beat it.

_-EDMIX-_1126d ago

@Sum- "within 10 tries" I see....that sounds like soft levels.

"Not these troll levels that are nearly impossible to beat"

....for you, I mean if your looking to beat a level within 10 tries...sorta goes along the line of soft levels, not hard levels. I mean....10 tries is legit EASY! To not play after that merely means you don't have the same will to continue, its too hard for you, by that logic you would not be able to even beet the Japanese lost levels on SMB2 as you couldn't just beat those in 10 tries.

I mean...we got levels just for you bud.

Summon need does EASY levels! We don't need you getting mad too fast, so we make sure you can beat it in um (10 tries) I'm sorry but that is legit a joke. What that means is your casual, you don't want a hard challenge....I suggest you put that filter on sof...I mean easy.

Leave the hardcore to the hardcore. No one is asking for your easy 10 try or less levels to be made more hard, I'm ok with easy baby levels existing for folks like Summon.

But to get mad at hardcore levels just because you can't do them? Seriously...that filter exist for a reason. I'm LOVING what I'm seeing more then any other Mario game to be released in the last 15 years lol Some of theses levels are just brilliant in difficulty.

(but I mean...its hard to see that if your stopping at 10 guys..)

swice1125d ago

Either don't download the level or step up your game.

Beating a level in 10 tries is not difficult...IN MY PERSONAL OPINION.

What happened to the thinking generation?

luckytrouble1126d ago

If you all want to see an even crazier unfair tough level, here you go. It's a facebook video, so don't mind the long link. It legitimately takes basically the entire clock time to finish:

Agent_00_Revan1126d ago

The crap people are coming up with is insane. Need more games like this to allow people to make things.

OhMyGandhi1126d ago

Just watching this raised my blood-pressure.

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