Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 looks like it rode out of the year 2000

Gamespot got a look at some multiplayer gameplay and it’s not fantastic.

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AizenSosuke1756d ago

Hopefully the game good though !?

Revengeance1755d ago

If this is like $20 maybe I'll pick it up for mainly nostalgia purposes, but a new Tony Hawk game should've been on the scale of the Underground games or American Wasteland.

1755d ago
Revengeance1755d ago

What I meant to say was when this drops to $20. This doesn't warrant $60 IMO. THUG did it better. THUG3 would've gotten $60 from me.

sweetgbus1755d ago

I don't mind that the game isn't focused on its graphics, as long as the gameplay is deep and fun. Unfortunately, like most readers on this site I still have a hard time seeing $59.99 worth of gameplay here.

MetroidFREAK211755d ago

$15 at most what I'd pay for this game... God this game looks terrible

ocelot071755d ago

Here is a picture of Tony Hawks Pro Skater from the year 2000.


Is GameStop honestly saying Pro Skater 5 looks like it came out in 2000?

Don't get me wrong the graphics looks poor for a 2015 game.

spicelicka1755d ago

Maybe they're talking about gameplay..

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The story is too old to be commented.