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"The happiness of Happy Home Designer is a sheen. Poke at the surface and the clients are all too delighted about whatever you design, wherever it's located, however you fill it, and no matter the effort you put into it. If you're content with looking at the game as a tool purely for self-expression or as way to reunite with Animal Crossing friends both new and old, then Happy Home Designer passes adequately. But if you're looking for any kind of challenge or doing anything other than designing spaces for everyone but yourself, you're better off popping in New Leaf instead, especially since both titles have the same asking price of $39.99."

~ Nick Tan, GameRevolution

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acharlez1121d ago

Bummer. Ah, well. At least there's Tri-Force Heroes to look forward to!

knifefight1121d ago

The kids seem to love it though.