Team Xecuter's "360 RROD Fix" Review

360-HQ Got a chance to review the legendary xbox 1 mod gods, Team Xecuter's 360 RROD Fix. Which solves the main problem of the 360, the RROD.

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Expy3818d ago

5/5 except for the fact that you completely void your warranty with Microsoft. And for those who don't know how to ground themselves, possibility of completely frying the circuit-board of the 360 with static.

Fishy Fingers3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Warranty I agree with, static I wouldn't concern yourself with, I've built many PC's, played with main console internals and never suffered an issues. Admittedly caution should be taken but as long as you dont go poking things you shouldn't you'll be fine.

Or if your really worried touch something earthed, ie, a PC case.

dachiefsman3818d ago

wow a disagree on well said post. amazing.

I totally agree with your post. You better be tech savvy.

ASSASSYN 36o3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

You won't fry the board with static. Resistors alone would impede a static discharge. Although yes you could do some damage. Nobody should mess with any exposed electronics without a static wrist strap. And if people don't know that simple solution to ESD then they have no idea what they are doing.

TheDude2dot03817d ago

What I don't get is why anyone would give a RROD fix less than a 5.

Bloodwar3817d ago

every stinking one of you has purchased their 360's within the 3 year period. The 360 isn't 3 years old yet, so all of us have the warranty so this kit is useless to any of us unless we bought our 360's second hand. Food for thought. After the 3 years, this will be a brilliant idea to look into this mod.

rogimusprime3817d ago

unless you modded your system like MANY people have, but just don't want to announce it. Then this fix is a great way to not lose your investment just because M$ makes crappy hardware.

Oh, and lets not pretend that sending your XBOX away for 4 weeks (best case?)to incompetent M$ people is a good way to spend your time.

gaffyh3817d ago

Good thing to know when the 3 year warranty of the RRoD runs out. I wouldn't try this before that though.

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fafoon3818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

It's an Epidemic of mass proportions

Another Crap Exclusive for the Xbox

Mclovin963818d ago

RROD doesn't really exist, its a false story fabricated by PS3 fanboys.

ukilnme3818d ago

Wait a minute. I thought all conspiracies were made up by MS and 360 Fanboys. I don't know anymore.

fafoon3818d ago

But i Believe in my own two eyes
And what i just saw was F****N RRoD

clintos593818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Where the 360 had RROD which was big enough proof for anyone that the 360 does have problems isnt good enough proof? The 360 does have an awesome library of games, but im not going to sit here and say the machine is an amazing art of work because in reality I still worry that it could die on me anytime. Had it RROD on me once already and let me tell u, sitting and waiting for your system to be repaired aint fun, luckilly I have a wii and a ps3 also incase of something like this ever to happen again.

BkaY3817d ago

i bought 360 6 months ago and RROD in first 8 hours...... first 8 hours damn it.... but it doesnt stop me buyin a new one... i love Geow every freakin day....

but this is just the xtreme of fanboyism....

dude grow up "be a gamer not fanboy"

enff said

thereapersson3817d ago

He's just a dumbass troll. His IQ level isn't elevated enough to allow his brain to function in "real world thinking". Thus, he lives in an internet fanboy fantasy world.

Or he was being sarcastic. Either way his post was a waste of bandwidth.

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PimpHandStrong3818d ago

when i turned the wheel inside the PS2 to cure the DRE issue that was high tech to

but really

i dont mess with circuit boards because i dont know what im doing

I wonder how long and how much money these guys spent with this fix? maybe MS should hire em

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