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crazychris41241121d ago

No idea why they are waiting so long to announce it. The COD xbox that came out last year was announced at gamescom.

Abash1121d ago

They already have the Darth Vader PS4 announced so too many LEs in November might stifle October PS4 sales. Besides the thing will sell out regardless of when they announce it, epecially during that time of the year

Eonjay1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

What you are saying doesn't make sense. Do you realize that Activison publishes Destiny as well? They aren't going to step on their own shoes. So they waited exactly one week for Destiny to launch and then they announced their Call of Duty deal. It makes perfect sense.

Crazyglues1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

Why would they do this, Jesus Christ Sony, why do you make a 1TB for COD but,

For the StarWars LE, which looks much better then this one IMO... you put a 500GB...

Why, Why, Why did you do this....? It's the same exact price as this one, but this one has a 1TB... come on Sony... WTF?

And this one is coming out Nov 6.. WTF Sony, the StarWars LE comes out Nov 17, and it gets a 500GB Why?? Why Sony?

Why wouldn't we want the 1TB, why would you do this to the fans..??? I don't get it.

KwietStorm1121d ago

First of all, chill. Maybe it had to do with timing, given the different licensing. The Metal Gear console was confusing, figuring out whether it was the new PS4 model or not, and not everything was available at the same time as when individual promotions were put on the table with different publishers.

Or alternatively, because reasons. It doesn't matter. You can put in any drive you want

Automatic791121d ago

No disrespect to anyone purchasing this bundle but the console looks ugly, so far the hottest bundle/console for PS4 was Metal Gear. The gray on controller looks cool but the orange messed it up.

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xHeavYx1121d ago

Not a COD fan, but damn that's a sweet looking PS4.

SmokingMonkey1121d ago

I love Orange, but haven't liked COD since MW1.

morganfell1120d ago


Yeah I and a lot of people agree. It has jumped to number 14 at Amazon hourly sales already. It is 1 of 4 PS4 SKUs ahead of the X1 right now on that list.

-Foxtrot1121d ago

I've enjoyed all the designs of the PS4s we've had over the past year or so but for me this has to be the worst.

Shame aswell since it's the only special designed 1TB one.

Immorals1121d ago

It's looks like a badly done Tron design.

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Automatic791121d ago

@Foxtrot I never agree with you but this time you right. The hottest design this year in my opinion was Metal Gear. This design looks lazy. Kinda of like lets slap something COD related and sell it.

AizenSosuke1121d ago

Meh it's looks alright not a good choice Sony but oh well.

morganfell1121d ago

This looks good and these editions sell. The top 2 consoles on Amazon for all of September until this posting are at 11 and 12 respectively and they are the Destiny Taken King PS4 followed by the Star Wars LE Darth Vader PS4.

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The story is too old to be commented.