The Late Show with Stephen Colbert hosting No Man's Sky demo next week

Want to see more of No Man's Sky? You'll need to tune into next week's Late Show with Stephen Colbert as the show will have Hello Games' Sean Murray.

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GribbleGrunger1121d ago


Release date mid October. Free on PS+

BB1121d ago

I'm hoping we get a release date on the show. And I would absolutely CREAM if it becomes free on PS+ during launch.

Abash1121d ago

Free on PS+? Yeah right, No Man's Sky is being treated as a premier PS4 game, there's no way they'd pass on all the money it'll make at launch. Also it isn't a low budget indie game that can actually be given free without losing a lot of money

Godmars2901121d ago

Don't know about October, certainly no PS+, but given that they're showing it off like this they'll announce a release date for this year.

BB1121d ago

I think both are VERY unlikely, but like GribbleGrunger said, he's being optimistic.

thejigisup1121d ago

That would definitely brighten my holiday season, I'm expecting a lackluster demo on the colbert show though.

SniperControl1121d ago

I wonder if they announce Playstation VR compatibility soon, this game is crying out for it.

BB1121d ago

That story links to another that mentions the possibility of both Oculus and PlayStation VR support:

SniperControl1121d ago

Thanks BB for the heads up, No Man's Sky would be amazing in VR.

Godmars2901121d ago

Forgot about PSVR support. Still, if they going to show to such a general audience before the holiday season, would hope that meant release before or during then.

Lon3wolf1120d ago

Lol, you would need to be an optimist of the highest order for that to happen, just a release date for this year would be great.

jb2271120d ago

I've been hoping that Sony would have a P.T. Moment this year where a game would be secretly dropped during an announcement & if any game would fit that bill it'd be No Mans Sky. I was assuming it would most likely have to happen during PGW or PSX but during Colbert could be a good opportunity as well. I wish more games would adapt this method, I'm not expecting something like Uncharted to do a surprise release but a game of NMS' caliber would be perfect for it. Doubt it'd be free on PS+ at any rate but possibly a deep discount for subscribers would be feasible. I'm just wondering if the rumors were true about the game dropping at the full $60 retail...I'd say it's be worth it but it might not do as well as it would if it hit that $30-40 sweet spot.

GribbleGrunger1120d ago

Thanks to the six dreamers that agreed with me. See you at the centre of the universe!

3-4-51120d ago

Should be some good exposure to people who may not have otherwise heard of this game.

-Foxtrot1120d ago

No Mans Sky.....but urgh Pewdie Pie

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mixelon1121d ago

This'll be really interesting to watch. Sean Murray is v charming but pretty typically nerdy in a way some would make fun of, Colbert is generally pretty chill in his new show now he's not playing a character, but I hope he avoids the easy jokes.

Let's hope he's impressed and not dismissive, buuuut..

.. Expect at least one joke on how you could waste your entire life inside a game like this, intended in a well meaning jokey way that'll likely still annoy some people.. :/

Me-Time1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

That didn't cross my mind. My first thought was how much time will they have? And this better be more like clueless gamer and nothing like Fallon. Honestly, I think they will take this seriously. With the kind of game this is and it being a SONY EXCLUSIVE (it does make a difference who is selling it), I expect a genuine preview of the game is but don't know what else.

Here's to hoping Colbert delivers.

Lon3wolf1120d ago

I'm sure Sean will take it all in the way it was meant, he seems good like that.

mixelon1120d ago

Oh, Sean will be fine I'm sure, I'm more concerned about the gamers watching at home. We can be a toooouch over sensitive. :)

Lon3wolf1120d ago

Lol very true, I suppose it's like sports fans etc., getting hyper sensitive/emotional with it all :D

JEECE1121d ago

Yes but what do you do in the game? /s

TrollHard4Life1121d ago

You play it. Like most games.

MysticStrummer1121d ago

Not enough story…

Wait it has enough story? Well then not enough gameplay.

Wait it has enough gameplay? Well then not enough story… again.

TrollHard4Life1121d ago

YUSH!!! Man I can't wait to travel around this game.
COLBERT 2016 !!!

S2Killinit1121d ago (Edited 1121d ago )

As much as No Mans Sky would be awesome for PSVR, i look forward to realistic experiences the most. VR's main charm is that its the most immersive thing we have yet, so if the graphics are life like, youre senses will completely give in to the illusion. (:

More on topic: From the looks of it No Mans Sky is probably releasing before Christmas, which is great.

jb2271120d ago

I'd like realistic visuals too but that may be a bit much to ask at this point. We have only barely begun crossing that gap on regular console titles. They say that VR can output actual images but that it can look a little bit strange.

As far as a stylized approach like what's on display for NMS that is pretty enticing too, like consciously walking around in a dreamscape. I bet VR is going to make for some insane dream potential...come to think of it, doesn't it sound like Media Molecule's Dreams title would be absolutely perfect for VR? I love the hook of being able to recreate your dreams on a screen, but being able to recreate them in a VR space is even crazier. Lot of potential on tap for 2016.

S2Killinit1120d ago

Haha I never thought about that. You are right though, that thing would be crazy in VR. hmmmm makes you wonder if it is VR supported.

Sony rep let slip that the PSVR is launching with 10 games. Wonder what they are.

jb2271120d ago


I'm wondering what they'll kick off with too. Hopefully they show at least a handful of them off at PSX, I'm guessing there will mostly be new stuff but I'm betting there will be at least one established ip that PS fans are familiar with. Really VR makes or breaks itself off of its games, and I have a feeling Sony will have some special ones in store.

I'm really hoping that if they do go for more realistic visuals that they will make short daredevil type stuff available early on. I'd live to have some virtual skydiving or BASE jumping, mountain climbing and stuff to that effect. I'm probably too much of a sissy to try these things out for myself so VR would be the next best thing haha

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