Nvidia is putting desktop-caliber GTX 980 GPUs in laptops


"When Nvidia launched the 980M last October, it claimed that the laptop GPU could hit 75-80% of the performance of the desktop card. That was impressive compared to the mobile GPUs of a generation or two back, but not as impressive as what Nvidia’s done now: fit the entire, uncompromised desktop 980 GPU into gaming laptops. Starting early October with six laptops from MSI, Gigabyte, Asus and Clevo, the GTX 980 is making its way into laptops, with all 2048 CUDA cores intact. And it’s overclockable."

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KionicWarlord2221753d ago

Impressive. Nvidia is on a roll. I wonder whats gonna happen when pascal comes.

never4get1753d ago

8 core, 2 Teraflop Mobile Console, Nvidia do it!

AndrewLB1753d ago

Actually that GTX 980 does 4.6 tflops without overclocking. The GTX 980 ti does 5.6.

ABizzel11752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )


That's a waste for them, and it gains them absolutely nothing, and what is a "mobile console".
The whole purpose of this article is showing that NVIDIA managed to get a high-end desktop GPU into a laptop and run properly. This is a 4.6 TFLOP GPU (realistically around 6 TFLOPS in comparison to AMD GPUs, I don't know why ) why would they go weaker, when they can fit one of their best cards into a console-like device, outside of trying to lower the price.

"Mobile console"
They already have the NVIDIA Shield is their "micro console" for $199 which is basically 2x the power of the PS3 or 360. It can run last-gen games 1080p with solid framerates, and stream games from your high-end PC that has an NVIDIA graphics card. The problem is that very few outside of PC gamers are going to buy any kind of console-like device over a PS4, XBO, or even Wii U because they lack brand recognition among mass consumers.

"8 core"
NVIDIA doesn't really have an 8-core CPU, unless you count their mobile CPUs in Tegra which are ARM Cortex processors with some serious tweaking. Those processors aren't really meant for high end gaming. I seriously doubt they'd go with AMD FX 8000 series, which means they're pretty much forced to used an 8-core Intel which is a $1,000 CPU. Now if you count threads then an i7 3000 / 4000 series CPU could easily fit the bill, but still that's $300 on CPU alone. Even the 4-core i5sit at $150 on CPU alone. What you're asking for is the return of the $600 console.

That being said this could very well be a pitch for consoles next-gen, but only MS / Nintendo's successor to the NX could take this route (most likely MS, since IMO Nintendo has a $299 max launch price for it's consoles to sell among the masses).

timmyp531753d ago

You see how atrocious those models look?

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AizenSosuke1753d ago

Nice Nvida on roll (Song on the roll activated)!

DualWielding1753d ago

hope they have a good solution for heating

SunnyZ1753d ago

It's recommended that you sit in the walk in fridge at your local bottle shop.

Super cooled gaming + super cooled beer = Winn!

ninjahunter1753d ago

Wow, that is going to cost a small fortune.

Eidolon1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

2k+ for a decent build, you don't want to go cheap if you're going with that card. Sager/Clevo laptops have decent prices per quality.

m2stech1753d ago

Free personal heater for the winter! I like that.

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