Naughty Dog has "ideas for The Last Of Us 2 with new characters"

It was only last week that Naughty Dog sent the internet into meltdown over the possibility of The Last Of Us 2 by saying the immortal words 'the first Last Of Us'. Now, in the brand new issue of Official PlayStation Magazine, The Last Of Us creative director Neil Druckmann sets things straight and it's pretty exciting.

Druckmann's reaction to Nolan North saying earlier in the year that there definitely was a sequel inbound for the post apocalyptic series was just like ours. Surprise. "I can say that was kind of a surprise for us for him to say that," he tells OPM. "I was like 'Oh he knows more than we know [about] what we're doing next.' We joked about it afterwards during shoots and stuff."

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-Foxtrot1148d ago

I think you would have to stick with characters we've seen in the first game.

I mean the "lie" at the end of the game seemed like a plot point which would be used to drive the story forward in a sequel. Those kind of things are used in TV shows when something is said in the first season then the character finds out in Season 2 to drive the character development or story forward.

If it's not Joel and Ellie I would be a little dissapointed, why throw two great characters away unless you want to focus on someone like Bill, people we've met before but hardly know anything about.

"ideas for a sci-fi game; ideas for a fantasy game"

Yes. I would love to see some different genres from ND

I hope the Sci Fi one is based on Savage Starlight...not actually called SS but heavily based on it concept wise.

With their fantasy game, I wonder if they could do an RPG

Aloy-Boyfriend1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

No. Ellie and Joel's story has been concluded in a very good way.

Joel and Ellie made it to Jackson. There Joel marries some woman according to the secret ending they showed at pax last year. And now he has more reasons to live in that hopeless world. As for Ellie, she will manage to live along with Joel and other survivors.

TLOU 2, if ever happens, needs to feature new characters and maybe have Ellie and Joel make a cameo or reference them. Yeah they can make another awesome pair of characters too. That open even more possiblities to tell more stories and new possibilities in TLOU Universe

-Foxtrot1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

No it hasn't. They left it the way they did because they want that lie to come and bite Joel in the ass in the sequel.

Even though Ellie knows deep down he's probably lying, untill she hears it herself from Joel that's when she'll get ticked off and where the story will progress.

She's the cure...the cure to mankind. I don't think either the Fireflies or hell the Government are going to let her go that easy. Word will travel fast and one of them will hunt her down.

The secret ending is most likely not cannon, if it was they would have included it within the game.

They have two, well developed, much loved characters with a strong plot point (the lie) in place at the end of the first game which is obviously going to appear in the sequel.

I mean that's like going at the end of Drakes Fortune, oh Drake has saved the day, got the girl and is now rich because Sully managed to find a boat full of treasure. THAT'S IT...we don't need a sequel his story is finished. Yet it wasn't was it.

Joel and Ellie are needed and will be in the sequel.

Adrian_v011148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )


Ellie's not the cure, that's the point of the ending. She was not the only immune person, as Joel found out. Many of them were killed in order to find out the reason for their immunity without success, and Joel refused to let the same happen to Ellie.

The ending was perfect. The whole story of the game is that humans aren't superior to nature. There is no cure, mankind is screwed, the few left will have to survive through it. That's the bitter reality of the game. The story had such an impact exactly because it wasn't a cliche happy ending, it felt real. A sequel just for the sake of a cliche happy ending would ruin it all.

Last of us 2, yes. With Joel and Ellie saving the world, no.

ColonelHugh1147d ago


Not to counter anything else in your post, but Joel was obviously lying when he said that there were dozens like Ellie. It was pretty obvious in his tone that it is was an excuse he used to explain how she wasn't needed and to soften the blown from taking away her purpose in the world.

Why would Marlene, who has protected Ellie since her birth, want her needless death? Ellie was the only possible cure, and Joel is the flawed man that denied humanity that possibility.

-Foxtrot1147d ago

That dosen't matter to the Fireflies or the Government if they find out. Coming across people immune are most likely quite rare. So when they hear that there is this girl still out there who could be experimented on they'll still go after her.

Even if there is only a small chance of saving humanity at the cost of someones life they'd still do it.

Adrian_v011147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )


Joel didn't lie. Maybe you didn't find it but there were CT scans of other immune people with the fungus on their brains and a recording of a surgeon stating that there have been several immune people but producing a vaccine has proven to be impossible, yet they kept that a lie because they feared for their own purpose and safety if that info became public.

It also explains Marlene's motivation, she didn't know about the vaccine attempts being pointless.

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Thatguy-3101148d ago

I honestly see them introducing a new character and then BAM we come across Ellie and Joel!

ABizzel11148d ago

I'm completely for new characters as well. The character development for Joel and Ellie was complete, they were two great characters who survived a grueling experience, and now it's time to see a new character(s) IMO.

TLoUs to me is a franchise about people around the GLOBE surviving (this is a worldwide epidemic), not Joel & Ellie surviving, and I don't think it'll benefit the franchise to keep the entire series on Joel and Ellie's Story. Naughty Dog proved with TLoU and now with Uncharted 4 that they're willing to do story DLC, so if there is a Joel & Ellie story I'd much rather it be done there, while we get to experience an entirely new set of characters who don't have the same feelings, thought process, and have their own struggles in this world.

And it's not throwing away 2 great characters by not having them as the focus of the next game. It's creating an entire cast of great characters that can span out over the entire franchise. There's so much more you can do with a cast of survivors than you can focusing on the same 2 characters the entire series.

rainslacker1147d ago

Think the last few lines of the ending were more about the relationship between Joel and Ellie more than it was a plot device to set up a sequel on the down low. If the later were true, I'd be extremely disappointed.

I do believe a sequel could exist which plays into the original plot of Ellie being the cure, but having Ellie as the main character of that plot would be rather redundant. Given that Joel and Ellie's relationship had a satisfying conclusion, I could see it more as new characters who go out in search of Ellie than Ellie once again being the focus of antagonism for the plot.

All that being said, the biggest draw of TLOU was the relationship that built between Joel and Ellie, and it's playing with fire to try and change that in some way unless they can make it even deeper for the player. All the stuff about her being the cure was just a pretext to Joel's own journey and growth.

-Foxtrot1147d ago

For me the realtionship between the two characters go into a trilogy and finally shifting us onto a new character Ellie who by the end will have been developed and shaped thanks to Joel.

Last of Us - Focus on Joel. Small gameplay of Ellie

Last of Us II - Focus is split 50/50

Last of Us III - Focus on Ellie. Small gameplay of an old aged Joel where he finally dies.

rainslacker1147d ago

That's reasonable.

However, I never really thought that Ellie was the focus of the first game. She really didn't have the turmoil and inner strife that Joel did, and IMO, people came to love Ellie due to her effect on Joel, as he had an easily identifiable flaw and pain which one could connect with. She was of course a well crafted character, and I don't mean to put her down in any way, but I can't look at TLOU and not see that Joel is definitely the main focus of the story.

That's not to say that Ellie couldn't become the main focus. I mean, we connected with Joel because of the prologue and his relationship with his daughter, which made Ellie's presence more impactful. But doing something similar with Ellie in a sequel to make us connect to her would just be redundant. Granted, there are other ways to go about that without involving Joel, or killing him off. She was at the end of the first game about to come into her rebellious teenage years....but not sure I would want a game that focuses on that.

ABizzel11147d ago


But that's pretty much every game, and it would be so basic and predictable.

I'd much rather there be a new cast each game, with cameo's from the survivor(s) or at least mentions of them, that why they can tell a completely different and unique story in each and every game.

Joel and Ellie's story over those 3 games would literally be Ellie is a potential cure, "GET HER", but of course touching and dreadful moments filled throughout.

For Me:

TLoUs: Joel & Ellie

TLoUs 2: New character / duo, another potential "uninfected"

TLoUs 3: New character who was hired to look for these rare uninfected (and he eventually has to choose Ellie or TLoUs 2 character as a sacrifice). As much as I'd hate it Naughty Dog should make Ellie the sacrifice, because.....

TLoUs4: The aftermath of that decision and bringing the rest of the cast together. The cure doesn't work and Character 3 sees the wrong of all this, and let's the other potential cure patients go (Character 2 being one of them). Joel is out for blood for what Character 3 did to Ellie. Character 2 is helping Joel get revenge on the organization for what they did to them.

That's a MUCH more interesting, and dynamic story than just Joel and Ellie trying to survive on the run from the FireFox, and Ellie possibly getting angry with Joel for saving her (which is pretty much what TLoUs 2 would be forced to be like if they stick with Joel and Ellie).

New characters = more dynamic and diverse story.

Joel and Ellie's story can continue as story based DLC like Left Behind.

CKPan1147d ago

Sequel should not happen at all, the game closed great ever.

The_BlackHeart__1147d ago

Joel promised Ellie he will sing for her and most likely teach her how to play the guitar as well before his sins come back to get him. Now this is just a theory, -but Ellie may be pregnant at the moment- You guys are going to hate this, but I believe I know why Ellie destroyed David's face in the way she did. Either way, the newborn could be the confirmation that there is hope for the human race. And eventually, she will face the same decision Joel had to face.

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trywizardo1148d ago

Ellie and joell must be in the sequel , the story is not over yet

S2Killinit1148d ago

Interesting. That might actually be a good option. New characters new story. It would give them more freedom to tell a story.

Kalebninja1148d ago

I liked the last of us because of the characters and their story, take that away and that's aa big risk.

_-EDMIX-_1148d ago

Not really. They can make new characters and I always felt the world was amazing they very much can survive on a new cast, at least with characters. Lots of stories to be told.

Niceman911148d ago

The ending of The Last of Us was perfect in my opinion. What Joel did in those final moments was questionable, but he experienced something very traumatic which he never recovered from. Ellie was his opportunity to take back what he had lost and nothing was going to stand in his way. I think Ellie knew that he lied to her, she wasn't stupid, and we don't need another game which revolves around her disliking Joel for what she did, running away from Tommy's and having Joel retrieve her (or whatever).
I'd rather Naughty Dog let Joel and Ellies journey exist solely in the first game, with a new cast for the second iteration.

Aloy-Boyfriend1148d ago

Couldn't said it better myself. Bubble up

Aloy-Boyfriend1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

Final Fantasy does this with every entry: new characters, new locations, and new stories. That's one of the things that make FF more interesting and grow bigger overtime

TheLoCoRaven1148d ago

A sequel to a story driven game has ideas for a story? Well I'd hope so! heh

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