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"If the English Premier League could be defined by a video game it would be EA Sports' FIFA 16. Both are the biggest, brashest, and most commercially successful brands of football around, each relying on star power and mass appeal to provide their thrills. Matches are direct and fast-paced, with wing play, early through balls, and sprinting as common in FIFA 16 as they are in a closely fought battle between Southampton and Manchester City. PES might well be for the more discerning follower of the beautiful game, but FIFA still manages to outdo it on sheer spectacle alone."

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Myst-Vearn1175d ago

So much ass kissing for PES. hey it's time to hate FIFA again, now that PES is half-decent.

Well, FIFA 16 is going to sell 10-12 millions copies like previous FIFAs did and PES won't come close.

Masta Kaos1175d ago

And EA will share some of that money with you....You one lucky bloke.☺☺

NewMonday1175d ago

"PES might well be for the more discerning follower of the beautiful game"

this is exactly it

Myst-Vearn1175d ago

I don't need EA's money you silly 'bloke'

higgins781175d ago

I hope you work for EA, otherwise what's the point in talking numbers? I moved from being a die-hard PES man right at the point Fifa 09 and PES dropped the ball. However, its fair to say Fifa is becoming more an expensive luxury than the best football sim available today. Fifa is good - still, only (now) PES is back on form. 2 different experiences, 2 different markets.

TKCMuzzer1175d ago

Whats wrong with that? Just because one game improves and the other stagnates why should the improving one not get credit?.

It's the fact that PES has taken steps forward that has probably highlighted the fact that FIFA hasn't, get over it, it's good for devs to get a kick up the backside every now and then.

Nekroo911175d ago

Good thing all of these pace whores are going back to PES.