Xbox One Boss Phil Spencer to Attend Brazil Game Show

Phil Spencer, who leads all gaming efforts inside Microsoft, will attend the 2015 Brazil Game Show. The show runs October 8-12 in Sao Paulo, and this marks Spencer's first-ever appearance at the event.

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user99502791120d ago

Lucky buggar gets to go to all the shows. Hey Phil, lets switch jobs.

TheGreatGamer1120d ago

If you follow Phil on twitter you really do get a good understanding of how dedicated he is to Xbox fans and interacting with them, can't think of a better guy to be steering the Xbox brand than him

Angeljuice1119d ago

My mate Dave would be better, he's got a finger missing.

holysmokesbatman1119d ago

I've got a mate called Dave, we like to call him 'Dave' unfortunately all his digits are still intact.

Phil Spencer keep doing what you're doing!

AizenSosuke1120d ago

Nice treat for Xbox fans!

Automatic791120d ago

Good to see Phil taking in the events around the world. Glad he is the boss.

FoxyGotGame1119d ago

Phil Spencer putting in that 'Work' ...Spread the Word, Xbox deserves to do well anywhere /

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