New on PlayStation Store this week: FIFA 16, SOMA, Blood Bowl 2

PS Blog:
t’s another exciting week here on PlayStation Store as FIFA 16 takes to the pitch, along with the unstoppably popular FUT in which you get to build an unbeatable squad to take on the world.

If that’s not for you then make sure you check out sci-fi horror adventure SOMA on PS4 – an unsettling story about identity, consciousness and what it means to be human.

There’s also plenty of promotions starting this week including Batman Arkham Knight as our deal of the week, a ‘games under €20/£16′ promotion and the PlayStation Retro sales – check back tomorrow for full details.

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morganfell1213d ago

SOMA has been gripping. I put down MGSV to try it and now I can't leave. Very well done and by such a small and non-centrally located studio. Amazing.

Justiceleague1213d ago

Lol, I can't put it down either but I'm almost finish with MGSV and trying to finish that before I put all my time into Soma

SolidGear31213d ago

I just finished Dishonored: Definitive Edition and began Dying Light for the first time so once I finish it I'll start on Soma.