TeamXbox: Braid Hands-On Preview

TeamXbox writes: "To many, the term "casual game" isn't all that complimentary. Casual games are games played by 35-year-old women on a website while they text-chat with their friends at the same time…old card games such as Spades and Pinochle or board games such as Checkers. (Insert yawn here.)

However, XBLA is highlighting casual games that don't really fit that mold. In the case of Braid, it's a game that is by all means casual, but hardly dull or something you walk through without challenge. Hey, it wouldn't have won its developer, Number None, the "Innovation in Game Design" prize in the 2006 Independent Games Festival if it wasn't a good game. And, perhaps more importantly, it's different from most anything you've every played before."

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