140° 2.0 - The Next Generation Gaming Network

The Diablo 3 fansite is taking a closer look at the anticipated new version of Blizzard's gaming network 2.0 in a preview article series touching on a number of topics regarding the ups and downs of the network.

All known and unknown confirmed changes are anticipated, and from what we know, it does indeed seem like Blizzard will revolutionise the online gaming once again.

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DJDarkstar4311d ago

Well, has always been at the forefront of online gaming technologies (at the time of release of games of course) so this is just natural :D but it is definately good to see. Some nice new features coming that's for sure.

Leord4311d ago

Just look at how revolutionising it was 10 years ago. I expect nothing less than the same reception now.

Maticus4311d ago

I'm expecting good things from this.

darker4311d ago

At least Mr. Wilson seems confident that we will be thrilled with all the new features. At least Blizzard has always been good at designing usable interfaces in my opinion.

SCFreelancer4311d ago

That probably has something to do with their main development philosophies: Fun game play and easy to get into, but hard to master.

Wuushu4311d ago

BNet2.0 and D3 + WoW + SC2 = Turn me into a vegetable, place me in a chair with I.V drip as long as it's infront of my PC!

mirroredderorrim4311d ago

Another game to get set for... I can't believe this sh**. I'm excited to see what BNet is gonna evolve into.. I have no doubt in my mind that Blizzard can recreate the same fresh feeling with Diablo III.

Leord4311d ago

You're not mistaking for a game do you? o.O

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