Healing Process: Tokyo, a story about recovering from mental illness and finding happiness again

Last night, I (Robin Ek, The Gaming Ground) found out about Sam L. Jones and Eclipse JP´s highly ambitious indie game project “Healing Process: Tokyo.” Which would be an really neat adventure/puzzle/platformer. So, check it out =)

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TGG_overlord1752d ago

Very much so ;) And i´m talking to the dev right now =) So I will do my very best when I record a video for the game today.

diesoft1752d ago

Interesting. Fighting the same demons, could be good.

TGG_overlord1752d ago

I just played through the demo ;) And so far, so good =) It´s a rather deep game though.

brando0081752d ago

These games are very significant. Glad to see some devs tackling themes like mental illness

TGG_overlord1752d ago

So am I =) In fact, I shared some of my own battles with mental illness in my video (I will uploaded it tomorrow).

Spotie1752d ago

Having overcome depression myself, this game really intrigues me.

TGG_overlord1752d ago

I think that "Healing Process: Tokyo" might actually help people who suffer from depression, I hope that´s the case at least.