New Halo 5 Multiplayer Mode Details Have Allegedly Been Leaked

New details regarding Halo 5's multiplayer mode have allegedly been leaked from the latest beta build of the game.

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Alexious1123d ago

That's a lot of different armor sets, for sure.

VER1ON1123d ago

Josh Holmes did promise a lot of different patterns for the armor etc. Looks like they will deliver.

ISHU1123d ago

Hopefully they will. I want this to be a great halo experience. That's all.

4Sh0w1122d ago

17 Assassination animations to unlock
220 emblems
14 stances
175 armor (for both helmet and armor)
53 visors

Nice, plenty of customizations but we dont know for sure if this is the final count.

Thunder_G0d_Bane1123d ago

Really does look great wasnt expecting that much customization.

I'm really amped for Halo 5 its by far my most anticipated game this year ever since playing the beta.

VER1ON1123d ago

Armor options are unlocked through the REQ system and 343 will be be continuing to build and release new content post-launch. This was confirmed by Holmes on the Teambeyond forums.

3-4-51122d ago

Yea so along with Free DLC maps, we will get more free REQ unlocks as well like new weapon skins and new armor.

3-4-51122d ago

Can't wait to play this game.

It's been hard for me to get into other games lately as all I can think about is Halo 5.

user99502791123d ago

no real revelation here. I was hoping when I read the title it would be anew gamemode.

aviator1891123d ago

Well, it's at least some relief for the Halo fans who believed that Halo 5 customization would be more limited than Reach's customization options.

VER1ON1123d ago

I was afraid as well when Holmes stated they would limit the amount of customization options in favor of quality customization. If this proves true - we're set.

aviator1891123d ago

So far, the customization in this game is looking really solid.

spicelicka1123d ago

Loving their approach, makes everyone happy.

raggy-rocket1122d ago

I hate leaks. Let us find out on our own or let them reveal what they want to in due time. I'm glad it's only multiplayer but I still won't read, want everything to feel new. I feel so bad for the devs who put 3 years+ into making things only for them to get leaked in such bland and unintentional ways, no matter how big or small.