FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Guide - Complete list of Chemistry Styles

Chemistry Styles are an often under-utilised part of FIFA Ultimate Team that can turn great players into superstars. By applying these modifiers to your squad you can boost already great stats or compensate for where your players are lacking. A big striker lacking pace can suddenly become quick enough to outpace a back four, while a slow defender can keep up with an opponent's pacy wingers.

One major thing that people often forget is that Chemistry Styles only benefit players in teams with good chemistry. While a modifier may offer + 3 to a key attribute, you'll only receive the full benefit in a lineup with full chemistry. You may only receive one or two points, or worse, no boost at all in a disjointed lineup full of players from different leagues and nations. Make sure that you have a settled team with a good chemistry before considering applying Chemistry Styles to players.

Below is a complete list of every Chemistry Style in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, and the boosts they offer.

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