Metal Gear Solid 5's hidden karma system


"It's never mentioned in the game, but Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain has a hidden 'karma' system that, over time, alters Venom Snake's appearance. Your Demon Level is determined by your play style, with negative actions—killing people, harming animals, developing nuclear weapons, generally being a jerk—earning you Demon Points, which increase the size of the shrapnel 'horn' on Snake's head."

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shammgod1747d ago

I pretty much kill everybody that I don't extract. I don't want them waking up and alerting the other guards.

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Somebody1747d ago

Same here. I have been wondering what kind of effect I'll get if keep killing soldiers that I don't extract. The soldiers are a bit reluctant to tell me about the position of their friends. They used to tell me willingly but now none of them would say anything.

FlameBaitGod1746d ago

They shouldn't involve MP karma on this xD, cus I don't kill people on main story or side ops but kill every 1 in FOBs. I was asking my self y the shard looked bigger, now i know :/

PaleMoonDeath1747d ago

This also happens, I thought it was a glitch at first.. currently trying to get rid off it.

Mikeyy1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

You must have been really evil and killed everyone

I'm on mission 15, plus did a ton of sideops about 30 hours in.

I stealth and use non-leathal most the time. I already have 375 people in my motherbase, all my platfoms are full but there only at 2/4 atm.

I started out just doing whatever but then I ran into a snag when missions required a rocket launcher, (tried C4 but was way to weak and difficult to pull off). Went to research a simple rocket launcher, and I was like 6 R&D levels away lol. From that point on I went on a recruiting spree, don't want to be held back.

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Bathyj1746d ago

Is it just me or do you look fat in that video?

twiggytree121746d ago

It looks like he is wearing the heavy armor suit.

Bathyj1746d ago

Oh, Thanks. I guessed as much. I've only ever word the sneaking suit.

PaleMoonDeath1746d ago

Battle gear bro, FOB invasions it is most needed!

Tzuno1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

I wonder if only the horn grows if you are naughty, cough, cough.

WitWolfy1746d ago

I lost so many people at MB after that damn virus broke out... fml...

aquaticDonut1746d ago

I play nonlethal. I just thought the horn was gonna grow later on in the story or something. Guess im just not getting it.

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