Don't Believe the Trolls - Apple TV Has No 200MB Game Limit

"The Apple TV launch is a classic example of two things; the need for clear marketing and the sad truth that negative stories are a magnet for more clicks than positive ones." grab It

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SlappingOysters1175d ago

Can you not just use an HDMi output now and play your iPad on your TV with an MFI controller?

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shipnabottle1175d ago

Yep you can but to me that defeats the purpose of having a cheap box to leave permanently plugged into the tv as opposed to an iPad which due to the nature of what it is (a tablet) you are going to want to pick it up and grab it for other uses all of a sudden.

Immorals1175d ago

Beats the point of having a dedicated device that has no battery constraints, and doesn't get moved much.

(Also, you can just screen share on the better tablets!)

Imortus_san1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

Not even 5% of ipad games support the controller. ipad connected to TV works in 4:3, not really the best.

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Macka10801175d ago

The 32/64 GB limits of the Apple TV don't really cater for local storage. Just a couple of 'big' games would max it out pretty quickly. By enforcing this rule, maybe Apple hopes to have developers really think about the capabilities of the device, rather than just throwing together a port.

shipnabottle1175d ago

Keen to see how this pans out. I'm buying one for media purposes, my 3rd gen Apple TV is way too long in the tooth and having the gaming aspect will be a bonus.

ufo8mycat1175d ago

Lol Apple TV garbage. It doesn't even support MKV. Get with the times.

TheGamingArt1175d ago

Why does someone like this try to talk about something they don't know. 'Trolls' aren't jumping on this. Devs like myself are. Apple's SDKs aren't structured for the 'OnDemand' resources an no matter how many ways you put it, dividing a game that would normally be 1 gig with 500 mbs of resources downloaded after the math into a game that contains it's core content in a < 200MB package with external resources downloading on demand with a game that should output at 1080p is NOT an easy task. It's a ridiculous expectation and anyone who doesn't do this stuff for a living shouldn't expect it to be simple an un worrisome. It's utterly absurd to see an article like this and this guy just completely bashed his own reputation by doing so.

shipnabottle1174d ago

I think he's talking about people who are being left with the impression that games are going to be limited to 200MB period. I've seen a lot of headlines that if you read nothing but that and/or the first paragraph, that's what you would end up thinking.