Eurogamer: Aion: Tower of Eternity Preview

Eurogamer writes: "There's a general rule of thumb in the world of massively multiplayer RPGs: the easier on the eye a game's characters are, the harder work levelling them will be. It's a cultural split between Asia and the West. From the Eastern hemisphere, the likes of the Lineage games and Final Fantasy XI have sported flawless catalogue-model avatars, draped in filigree fantasy couture - but their existence is often far from glamorous, locked in a mindless experience grind of monster after monster that seems to have no end, or purpose.

Meanwhile, Western MMOs built on the EverQuest/World of Warcraft model offer incident-packed questing, spectacular dungeons, relatively fast levelling, deft storytelling and universes rich in detail and lore - peopled by grotesque anthropomorphic cartoons clad in spiked, primary-coloured fetish wear. Can't we have a life of beauty and ease?"

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