Will There Ever be a Repeat of the E.T. Fiasco?

Back in the eighties, the gaming industry was in a bit of trouble and for a while it looked like it might die out. Both retailers and consumers had lost faith in game developers and this can ultimately be blamed on E.T.; often claimed to be the worst video game in history.

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Maple221126d ago

I agree, I think now there are simply too many people who want to play games meaning that it will (hopefully) never die out. I really like the story about the E.T game as well, its like a gaming legend now. I had a really hard time convincing someone the other day that it was actually real

tonmori1126d ago

Haha :P It is quite hard to believe, especially given that Atari tried to cover up the fact that they'd actually buried all the games!

c00lvilKid691126d ago

I’ve actually heard of treasure hunters going to find the burial sites XD

Yukes1126d ago

It's not real - I refuse to believe it! You can't make me!

Yukes1126d ago

It's becoming easier and easier for budding developers to create games and, if they're lucky with marketing and being supported well, getting their games out to a burgeoning audience. Couple that with mainstream goliaths like Call of Duty and FIFA raking it in year in year out, and it's hard to see a collapse.

That said, mobile gaming is a threat, particularly if major publishers decide to abandon AAA games for increasingly-profitable mobile trash. As for distrust, with all the pre-release DLC and broken games I'm not convinced there's much trust left anymore...

tonmori1126d ago

Mobile games are a bit worrisome... Nintendo have already decided to delve into that market. As for distrust, I think it depends on which developers you have faith in.

alijones941126d ago

I don't think that could ever happen again - too much variety even in the tools to make a game, and with a successful and growing worldwide indie scene, and the rise of digital ownership, you'll never end up with the same level of stagnation.

MrsNesbitt1126d ago

I absolutely love Ataris attempt at covering this up. I feel sorry for E.T, Superman 64 was much worse!!!!

tonmori1126d ago

Just had to look up how bad that was... You may be right about it being a worse game than ET!

uth111126d ago

there are lots of worse games than ET on the 2600

Skellytorx1126d ago

I think I'm a lot more happier and comfortable with the industry in console gaming now that we're able to receive game updates, and bugs are patched up allowing gameplay to become better. But then I guess saying that, it does give developers an excuse to release an unfinished game and just "fix bits" later which could lead to bad games being produced.

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The story is too old to be commented.