OXM: Far Cry 2 Preview

As OXM's much-anticipated Far Cry 2 hands-on begins, you're nestled in a safehouse in the middle of the African Savannah when you get a fateful call from a cohort. Well, this "safehouse" looks more like a dilapidated shack with a cot, but nevertheless, your caller has a mission objective that promptly appears on your pull-up pocket map with a big red X. But how you get to that big red X is entirely up to you. Do you take the dingy red Datsun-looking car down the gravelly dirt roads to reach your destination? Or do you hoof it?

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BiggDaddy3114314d ago

Reading a couple of top ten list for the fall this game is flying right under the radar. It is certainly on my list of must haves for the holiday. This game looks beautiful