"One year later, Destiny Finally Feels Like a Complete Game" | VGS

TheArabGamer writes: "Last year, we marked down Destiny due to its vanilla experience in both storytelling and content. One year later, Destiny finally feels like a complete game even though its asking price is a bit steep."

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Yi-Long1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

So IF you have bought this a year ago, how much would you have spent by now to finally have a game that 'feels complete'!? and if you did, are you actually still interested in it and recommending it to friends...!?

Perjoss1174d ago

£40 for Destiny, £20 for each 'expantion' and then another £40 for TTK so £120, so far...

RashBandicoot1174d ago

I think there's a special edition that comes with everything for $60

_-EDMIX-_1174d ago it doesn't. What makes Destiny feel less then is not the amount of content as much as its the quality of it and lack of real story telling features. I'm not sure who I would recommend it to to be honest.

Allsystemgamer1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

The taken king campaign has an actual story though....with cutscenes....and millions are loving it.


oryx is angry with the guardians for murdering his son. He uses his other worlds abilities to enslave every living thing to build his army to destroy what remains of the guardians. The awoken sacrifice themselves to show how dangerous oryx really is and that something needs to be done before he wipes everyone out.

That's just from the first cutscene.

JWiLL5521174d ago

Have you even played the expansion? Everyone knows the vanilla game was lacking, that's not what the game is anymore though.

The new raid is the best co-op experience I've ever had. Incredibly fun with friends.

I'm not sure why anyone is surprised Bungie made something great.

TheSaint1173d ago

Maybe because the original game was so lacking in what makes Bungie games great,

LA_Zeo1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

I enjoy playing Destiny. I wasn't into it when it first came out last year but I gave The Taken King a chance and I'm glad I picked it up.

Masterofwiiu3ds1174d ago

The issue with buying this is that it's telling game companies "don't worry - you can release unfinished games and we'll buy it. Then we'll buy it again when it's finished."

If we don't buy the "finished" version then we stop this practice altogether. As consumers, we should demand better.

JWiLL5521174d ago

It wasn't "unfinished" it just wasn't very good.

It's not like they released a broken game like AC Unity. It worked remarkably well and had very few bugs.

Bungie seems to have figured it out how they want this game to go now.

TheSaint1173d ago

Few bugs? Lol, do you even play Destiny?

Crota raid was one of the buggiest things I've ever played.

jmc88881174d ago

Still no matchmaking, and no valid excuse for not having it. (yes there isn't one)

kbozz711174d ago

Try doing a heroic strike now with 2 randoms(some just stand there, others leave midway the strike)......Then imagine trying it with 5 in a raid. I know you're just going to say at least we should have the option, and I agree, but man the nerd rage outbursts that would follow.