SOMA Review - A Submerged Scare-Fest Held Back by Technical Issues | COG

COG writes - SOMA is heavy on atmosphere with a wholly unique story to go along with it. Unfortunately it's dogged by some technical hiccups and a lack of truly creative puzzles.

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MRBIGCAT1213d ago

This had so much potential. Too bad they slightly missed the mark here.

Septic1213d ago

They didn't? Just because one review is a bit critical of the technical performance you're going to write it off?

kraenk121213d ago

Game got 85 on Metacritic...just saying.

DarkOcelet1213d ago


I am curious, did you play it before judging it?

Justiceleague1213d ago

Of course he didn't play it. It's sounds like he's trolling

MercilessDMercer1213d ago

Surprised to hear this! Still won't be touching this one for sleeping purposes though

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Paulhammer1213d ago

Hopefully they can iron out some wrinkles in a patch!

SolidGear31213d ago

Still not on PlayStation Store! Get your $%&* together, Sony!

Sarah_Ch1213d ago

It's live on Europe stores, US will be available around 11AM-3PM when the ps store update

SolidGear31213d ago

Oh okay.. Thank you.. Been waiting since midnight :3

neocores1213d ago

First review i read that said it had TECHNICAL PROBLEMS lol

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