FIFA 16 Review - The Beautiful Game, Practically Perfected | COG

COG writes - FIFA 16 is the best playing game in the series, feeling more than ever like the sport it portrays while bringing exciting new features to the table.

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Cdn_Seahawks_Fan1121d ago

And FIFA keeps on plugging along. I always find it amazing that they are able to continue perfecting this game. Good on EA Canada.

3-4-51120d ago

So we officially get 2 good soccer/fotball games this year.


MRBIGCAT1121d ago

Another year, another dynamite FIFA review.

Ginpachi-sama1121d ago

Lol fifa scoring higher than a 6 makes this review a joke

Paulhammer1121d ago

Because you've totally played it, right?

GrapesOfRaf1121d ago

What's better, winning eleven/PES? I don't think sports games should have yearly iterations, but that doesn't automatically make each iteration of FIFA garbage.

Ginpachi-sama1121d ago

Fifa is same engine same players same everything every year and they still manage to make it worse every year and the way they rate players is retarded