"The console installed base is as big as it's ever going to get" - Michael Pachter

Growth in the "traditional gamer market" could require leaving traditional consoles behind, says Michael Pachter.

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DarkOcelet1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

Seriously fellas, why are we getting updates on what that man says?

On Topic: Stating the obvious is really stupid. Here i can state the obvious too...

Call Of Duty is getting a new game next year, mark my words!

Now give me money!

freshslicepizza1212d ago

why are people puzzled by the inevitable? it has happened in music, it has happened with movies, why will it not happen with another media for entertainment?

you can actually penetrate more customers by removing the cost of the console, which is a barrier in itself. most of us who support this industry already have the means to adapt. it's just those who don't want to adapt want to be the loudest voice in the room.

Spotie1212d ago

None of the other industries you mention has ever been as locked down as gaming.

Got a VHS? Play it in ANY VCR.

Got a CD? Play it on damn near anything.

Got a Gamecube game? Play it on... a Gamecube.

That's just one of the reasons why gaming isn't headed down the same path. Another?

File sizes.

Movies jump when they make transitions from one format to the next, but even then, they rarely take up all of a blu-ray disc(to say nothing of dual layered discs). Music is an even worse example, as those files are miniscule in comparison to the other two(oh, and vinyl, at the least, is making a comeback).

On the other hand, games are jumping in size every few months. Definitely not the same.

Do I have to get into- again- how there's just too much of the gaming world that DOESN'T have adequate internet?

It may be the future, but it's not as close as you make it sound.

freshslicepizza1212d ago

"None of the other industries you mention has ever been as locked down as gaming.

Got a VHS? Play it in ANY VCR.

Got a CD? Play it on damn near anything.

Got a Gamecube game? Play it on... a Gamecube."

got a sony tv, play on playstation now. got a samsung tv, play your playstation games on it.

"File sizes."

steam has more users than the ps4 and xbox one combined. it also supports the pc, mac and linux.

"Do I have to get into- again- how there's just too much of the gaming world that DOESN'T have adequate internet?"

you are not one of them, so why concern yourself? netflix relies on the internet. any other words of wisdom you want to add? like i said, those who prefer physical disk and consoles will be the most vocal against it and will make it appear as though it will never happen. you'll see.

Letthewookiewin1212d ago

I don't even get it. What is he saying exactly? That no one is going to buy anymore consoles and PS4 is stuck at 25 mil and the X1 is stuck at 13 mil?

rainslacker1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

No. Just that the market saturation of consoles isn't going to grow from here on out. So say last gen sold a total of 260 million consoles, this gen...and next will also sell 260 million consoles. Basically that the overall market won't grow anymore. Current install base also consists of last gen consoles, so what he's saying is that it's going to level out as people transition.

If I had to guess though, I'd imagine it will ebb and flow, and continue to grow, most likely in spurts like last gen, as something comes along to excite consumer interest. I find this particularly true since the younger generation now will not know a life without gaming, whereas when I was young, it was a rather niche commodity.

CitizenFour1212d ago

Now confirmed: Install base will get much bigger.

OB1Biker1212d ago ShowReplies(1)
uth111212d ago

It's true that you can game on those other devices, but their small form factor and pricing means they will never be competitive with traditional consoles in terms of power. The most powerful cpus/GPUs require cooling, so they can never fit into a phone or small set top box.

And really what is the difference between a console and set-top box these days? They both run the same media apps. Just that the console is much more powerful.

It's like Pachter is so desperate to be right with his old "end of console" prediction that he's arguing that somehow a set top box is different than a console

N4g_null1212d ago

The current consoles are not even using the powerful tech that is available. The mobile stuff is always affordable, it's 1k to buy these things but even the poor have smart phones. Consoles forfeit their advantage by just using old tech.

Here we are about to see 28 core cpus, hbm2, usb type c and gpus that mobile couldn't even imagine. Now we are starting to see mobile with direct x 12 level support and shaders that rival the ps4. These handsets actually are supporting 4k now in the phone.

Once a wireless broadcast format is agreed on you can set your phone down grab a blue tooth controller and beam the whole thing to your tv.

With type c usb you could actually plug your phone up to extranal gpu to boost the power.

The difference is console are on a 5 year cycle. Things are moving much faster than 5 years. This has always hurt consoles tech wise but it has helped gamers because they save money on not upgrading. The problem happens when the youth doesn't get trained to play on consoles and phones, tablets, and steam, alienware etc etc will be chipping away at consoles. Few hardcore stay hardcore compared to the install based numbers.

If I can get a phone that makes me more money and I can sit it down and play games then I've gotten my money's worth. I don't really care if consoles live on. I only care about the games. If console makers can make a system that trumps the interface of phones then I rally behind consoles. Yet if it's about power then consoles are done unless they change their pricing models.

It's not a matter of mobile being competition. It's just consoles are mostly stagnant. Devs are going to other platforms while AAA milks the install base.

MasterCornholio1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

Michael's head is as big as it ever will be.

Seriously why are we still hearing about this guy?

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