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STN writes:

FIFA 16 is here at last. But what is so different about it compared to last year and just why should you be tempted into buying?

With new features such as women's football, ultimate team draft and invisible spray, FIFA 16 is becoming more like the real sport each year. However, these are minor changes and it's becoming increasingly difficult to justify paying full price for the game each year, despite its obvious qualities.

There are good points too of course and as you'll see in our review below, we are full of praise for this years title. Will what's on offer be enough to tempt you to part with your cash though?

Check out our review below and then have a think for yourself.

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Scrivlar1754d ago

I really hate the PES games and will always buy Fifa just because I have done for the last 17 or so years. But if what people are saying is true and PES has taken over Fifa this year then I'm actually glad because I'm hoping it will mean Fifa do some big improvements to catch up with PES next year. I think Fifa has been at the top over the last few years and they've gotten a little lazy with each release.