Warcraft 4 Teased, Almost Confirmed By Netease VP

SegmentNext - We know that all of you Warcraft fans are not done with playing what you already have, but wouldn’t you jump with joy if Warcraft 4 was coming?

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Malphite1124d ago

Seems more like a wild guess than any real indication of Warcraf 4 to me. Warcraft 4 would be great though.

Tiqila1124d ago

maybe blizzard finally adds wc3 to their battlenet 2.0 launcher... WC4 will come eventually and I can't wait, but this "news" is just speculation, not worth reading at all.

Relientk771124d ago

WAY overdue cmon Blizzard. We need Warcraft 4

LightofDarkness1123d ago

I loved three, played it more than Starcraft. I even remember playing DotA when it first dropped. Didn't hook me like it did so many others, but it's amazing to think how long ago that was and how things have changed.

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