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FIFA needed a year like this. Without serious competition from Konami’s PES in the past few years (until now), and with Ultimate Team keeping players playing and paying all year round, there’s been no pressing motivation to ring the changes. Annual titles will always evolve gradually, but recent progress has felt glacial. FIFA 16 can be stubborn and stifling, but it feels gloriously new, and having to learn fresh strategies and nuances in a game series like this is an almost-forgotten pleasure.

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nX1148d ago

Terrible review as always from Gamespot, couldn't agree less with most of the points.

Nekroo911148d ago

Good thing we don't care about your opinion.

So the game is bad because you can't just use pace pace pace to win, but it takes sometime to create a chance to score just like real life?! What a bad game....

Myst-Vearn1148d ago

You sound like a pissed off FIFA hater to be honest. I am just happy because both FIFA 16 and PES 2016 are great this year, for a football fans this is good thing.

SniperControl1148d ago

9/10 is the final verdict, game is getting understandably good reviews regardsless of what PES fans say, cant wait till tomorrow.

Drakesfortune1148d ago

Im happy to see fifa getting honest reviews...yes they had made tweaks on the pitch but it is the essentially the same game. the career mode is shit and has been for the last few years just with a few changes and then labeled as new.

All they care about it FUT as it makes them money.


If pes had all the licenses - it would blow this game away.

but people like authenticity

and fifa has it.

redknight801148d ago

Agreed, if PES had more Bundesliga teams than just the 3...I wouldn't touch FIFA for a few years. But the problem is, my favorite team is in the 2nd Division of Bundesliga so PES is kind of out for me..though I did rent it and love just sucks not playing with the team I love.

Karandinho1148d ago

gamespot kidding me lol ? its the same fifa 15 game and its bad

ThePope1148d ago

You must have spent very little time with either 15 or 16. Because they're very different games.