Wii Shop Game Releases for August 4, 2008

Three new releases are available on the Wii Shop Channel. The highlight is the original Sonic The Hedgehog from the Sega Master System for 500 Wii Points. I guess we are all starting to get the hang of this Sonic on a Nintendo console thing...

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Polluted4324d ago

I'm fairly certian the Genesis version came out before the Master System one, but it's still a good game for Sonic fans.

thebudgetgamer4324d ago

i thought there was no sonic game on the master system

Polluted4324d ago

The Master System stayed popular in Brazil long after the rest of the world forgot about it. It eventually got ports of a lot of popular Genesis games, but most people weren't even aware of them since we'd all gone 16-bit.

lux1394324d ago

I like sonic since when I was 6.
I almost play every singal sonic the hedgehog games.
sonic is the best guys!!!!