7th Dragon III: code VFD - Interesting Fights, Messy Menus [TGS Hands-On] | GameRevolution

The first 7th Dragon game was a fantasy RPG in which the player would try to stop the spread of flowers which signaled a dragon's territory, so at first the sci-fi aesthetic of 7th Dragon III: code VFD (lowercase 'c' intentional) seemed like a strange choice, especially for players who missed 7th Dragon 2020. After taking your protagonist into a VR simulation, though, you're met with a scene in Tokyo's "Sky Tower," which is infested with monsters and totally overgrown in those ominous flowers. It was a nice touch, and even players who aren't familiar with what "those flowers" mean can probably appreciate the very eerie aesthetic they lend to the environment.

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knifefight1751d ago

Nice to see that turn-based JRPGs are still coming out SOMEwhere.