The Wii U Doesn't Need Star Fox This Year

One of the biggest Wii U releases this year was going to be the triumphant return of everyone's favorite space-faring fox in Star Fox Zero, but Nintendo recently delayed the game until Q1 2016. It's a disappointment for many Star Fox fans, and it also affects the Fall/Winter schedule for the broader Wii U audience. Nevertheless, the delay of Star Fox Zero won't make or break the Wii U's year. In fact, it may help Nintendo avoid a weak start to 2016.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1123d ago

Having Fox McCloud head up the start of the fight in 2016 will be a boon, even if it doesn't sell tons.
2016 is the last full year the Wii U has before it has to share space with the NX in 2017, so Nintendo has to make it count, unless the NX is some sort of upgrade to the Wii U or something.
Releasing this and Zelda alongside a few surprises will help with that goal.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1123d ago

except Nintendo said they will continue to support the Wii U even after the NX platform launches.

Nevers0ft1123d ago

He pretty much implied that with "2016 is the last full year the Wii U has before it has to share space with the NX in 2017"

pcz1123d ago

the damage control is hilarious.

its just one disaster after the other for wiiu.

they may as well shelve the game for the wiiu and release it as a NX launch title.

marloc_x1122d ago

We may be playing it on BOTH😮

wonderfulmonkeyman1122d ago

And your trolling is endless.
Just stop coming to this section if you hate Nintendo so much.-_-;;

Realplaya1123d ago

Actually it worked out for the best. Nintendo needs to market the games they have this holiday in the form of bundled and they need a big marketing push. Build up steam heading into 2016

TheColbertinator1122d ago

2016 is already looking stronger with this delay. Star Fox,Zelda and SMT X Fire Emblem should keep Ninty on the headlines

calvincrack1122d ago

I support Nintendo's decision to do whatever they think is right. But I don't think delaying a major title out of holiday 2015 is good for anybody. This decision must have strategic implications for the NX launch

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