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Planet Xbox 360: Unreal Tournament III Review

360 owners not familiar with the Unreal franchise but experienced in Gears Of War will feel right at home. The baddies look like Locusts with longer snouts and the heroes look like tattooed and pierced versions of Marcus Phoenix and 'Cole Train', with some feminine charm tossed into the mix. The game also has the same biting 'prison-yard charm' to the smack talk the characters spout at each other and the enemies. The levels themselves even look vaguely similar to the washed-out grey and brown landscape of the first Gears title, albeit with better design and variety. With how similar the games look to each other, comparisons are inevitable. Sadly, despite being the newer title, Unreal looks like the older of the two, and lacks the visual 'wows' Gears provided when released.

Gameplay: 8.5
Graphics: 7.5
Sound: 7.7
Controls: 9
Replay: 8.4
Live Play: 9.1

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SuperSaiyan44391d ago

The game is awful, sure its fun at times but the way the so-called story mode is set up is terrible!

I highly advise to NOT purchase this title and just wait for the real deal that is gears of war 2!

GiantEnemyCrab4391d ago

Completely agree. What a POS game that is severely gimped. Not worth $60.