Vista On the PS3

On youtube mopx0 has posted a video of Windows Vista installed on the PS3, the whole process takes a day to install and vista is as slow as hell, but heres the video for those interested. There is a tutorial available too.

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shazam4358d ago

thats why. if you dont like it dont say anything

goomba4358d ago

yeah seems like a waste of time and energy

Darksaviour694358d ago (Edited 4358d ago )

"1 -
Why ?"

why not?

TheIneffableBob4358d ago

To prove that it's possible, even if it's not practical.

uie4rhig4358d ago

it was already know it was possible lol, i mean the they have installed XP on it before, and its just a VM not something that special.. its pointless tbh..

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Bazookajoe_834358d ago (Edited 4358d ago )

Vista is a ramvampire, so i dont think it´s really optimal on the ps3... Or pc ;-)

moja4358d ago

On top of that it's emulated. I'm actually shocked it even tries.

PimpHandStrong4358d ago

because why you would want to slow it down just to prove that it can be done is a bit stupid

but hey

too each his own

toobsteak4358d ago

So does this mean on the next update,ps3's will crash? Would it do any harm. I've heard of guys doing some crazy things with their systems. I sometimes wonder if this is why people complain about crashes after update. Just wondering.

NanoGeekTech4358d ago

Please are doing some very interesting things with their PS3...That may contribute to the issues some are having with the firmware updates....

Darksaviour694358d ago

its just installing Vista, like they way you can install linux on the ps3, its not hack, just a bit of trickery, but does not effect the ps3 firmware in anyway

toobsteak4358d ago

Is there a reason or advantage to changing the OS on the ps3? I've had my system for 6 months, so i haven't experimented yet.

Kyur4ThePain4358d ago

It's just something you could for fun. No real advantage to installing Linux on the PS3. It would be much better to install it on a regular PC, and it would run better too.

toobsteak4358d ago

Thanks for the info, its something i wouldn't do for fun. I really like the ps3 format. (XMB)..... Peace. Game On..

shazam4358d ago

don't really know what you're talking about but i dont really feel like explaining it

mfwahwah4358d ago

Most important thing about LINUX on a PS3? ALL THE EMULATORS MWAHAHAHA

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Mr Playboy4358d ago (Edited 4358d ago )


Face it droids, PS3 is not so powerful after the BS we heard about it.

DJ4358d ago

x86-based Operating System running on a PowerPC-based CPU? Not to mention that Vista requires 2 GB of ram to run properly? Come on, haha.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4358d ago

You don't say that same sh!t when your spewing spin stink about how powerfull the PS3 is in every other catigory and news/rumor post DJ? Why are you spinning away from this now? I would bet any amount of money if I searched hard enough, I could find a comment somewhere on this site saying that you think the PS3 could run Vista. You would be an alright guy DJ if your lies and BS didn't always catch up to you.

LoVeRSaMa4358d ago

Actully for you people who know NOTHING.

Its being emulated, this means that using Linux to run windows is likely to be as slow on a normal computer doing the same process also.

Vista Sux ass anyway, XP is better.

XP is the best thing to come from Microsoft.

Some might say the only thing ;]

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