Square-Off – The Destiny Argument

"Hot on the tail of Destiny’s Year Two expansion, The Taken King, we take a critical and retrospective look back on Year One and its many perks and pitfalls analyzing some of the main pillars of the Destiny experience – Story, the infamous Loot System and The Crucible’s PvP and deciding whether or not Destiny delivered." - PSLS

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ninsigma1758d ago

For some it delivered for some it didn't. I'm 50:50. Loved the game, the world the game play and had a blast playing. Unfortunately the loot system wasn't worth it for me to continue past level 28. I have picked it up again though and I am obsessed once again xD

knifefight1758d ago

It has a ton of active players and still gets a lot of buzz from the community. It's clearly not for everyone, but it must have done something right.

TheSaint1758d ago

I like Destiny, I dislike Bungie for treating their players like crap.

$40 is not £40. Just because UK people often pay more for stuff, doesn't mean you can take the urine.

Fil1011758d ago

I'm with u on this plus the other bsd thing is that sony has said this expansion pack is the biggest selling download they have had on a day 1 release which means they know they can get away with charging extortionate price's for future dlc's.

paul-p19881757d ago

The gameplay is great, crucible can be really fun as were the strikes...well, the first few times they were lol

The problem lied in the lack of compelling story and the entirely broken loot system. I have yet to try 2.0 (I have downloaded it, just want to finish MGS first) so if this is fixed I might get back into it. However, I won't be buying TKK as that should have been including in the season pass I almost felt forced into buying in the hope it would make the game feel whole (it did, but only for a day or 2 lol)

ninsigma1757d ago

Loot drops are a hell of a lot better but my experience of the new loot system is with ttk where I'm getting ttk item drops so I keep improving my character. I don't know what it's like if you don't have ttk.