Deep Silver Showcases Homefront: The Revolution & Mighty No. 9 at TwitchCon 2015

Meet and Greet with Twitch streamers, Lindsay Elyse and Amie Lynn, and Snag Exclusive ‘Filthy Casual’ Giveaway.

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MRBIGCAT1122d ago

Homefront was fantastic at PAX. I really enjoyed the demo. The game is showing plenty of promise at this point.

MercilessDMercer1122d ago

Was bored to tears by what I saw of this one... Deep silver is finding itself in some deep s*it lately

Kalebninja1122d ago

I just want Saints Row 5.

cyckiewicz1122d ago

I'm really interested in Homefront and how its been developed. Also someone could revive Prey2. I loved that space headhunter setting which it seemed to became.

Cdn_Seahawks_Fan1121d ago

I had hopes for the original, so here's keeping fingers crossed that this one can do what the first didn't, really attract a BIG following.

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