Halo: The Master Chief Collection Update Revealed

Halo: The Master Chief Collections adds new multiplayer tweaks.

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Paytaa1148d ago

Team Hardcore already has Halo 3 maps. I play Team Hardcore everday and Halo 3 is voted the majority of the time and it's usually Pit Stop, Construct, Amplified and Onslaught. Team Doubles shifting away from Halo 2 doesn't make sense either. I love Halo 3 to death but that's literally all everyone votes for and it's the worst performing game in the MCC because of the 60fps which throws hit detection way off.

Eliseo6761148d ago

The Halowaypoint post clarifies that it's not that they are getting more maps, it's simply that they are reducing the probability of obtaining the maps you mentioned in favor of other maps of the same Halo 3.

I like the Team Doubles change. With only 4 players, it was the only way to make the playlist be more varied.

spicelicka1148d ago

Game's been working smoothly for me for 6 months now, I'll be playing this for years to come, along with Halo 5.