Pocket Gamer: Buzz! Master Quiz Review

Pocket Gamer writes: "The traditional TV quiz show is vacuous yet oddly compelling entertainment. On paper the entire concept seems absurd; it's almost incomprehensible that anyone with even the tiniest shred of intelligence would be prepared to sit through half and hour of other people failing to answer ridiculously easy questions while a smarmy host cracks poorly scripted jokes at their expense – and all for the ultimate prize of a tacky set of cheap steak knives.

However, you only have to flick on your goggle box to see that quiz shows are massive ratings winners and this rather worrying truth clearly hasn't been lost on Sony. The company's Buzz! series – available on the PS2 and PS3 consoles – has gone down a treat, largely thanks to the riotous gaming sessions that erupt when four (or more) like-minded people huddle around the TV, buzzer peripherals at the ready in their sweaty palms."

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