PS4 Sales Are Far More Impressive Than PS2's Domination

Everyone is comparing PS4 to PS2 in terms of sales but really, the new console's performance is more impressive. Much has changed since 2000.

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Thatguy-3101752d ago

The reason I think sales picked up quick was simply because last Gen was really long. People were already eager to jump into this new generation. Then bring in the fact that now a days we have the power of the Internet where a lot of the hype built up.

Paytaa1752d ago

Yeah I agree. I feel like the Internet had a lot of influence on the reputation of all consoles this gen which worked heavily in PS4's favor. I still think the PS2 is a different beast entirely since it launched as the first console with a DVD format and rode on the huge success of PS1 which was all without an Internet backing since people literally still had dial-up then lol. Gaming is also a lot more mainstream now which equals a larger gaming community therefore more sales in general. Also like you said because they dragged on last gen as long as possible.

xHeavYx1752d ago

People still using the hype card? Damn.
Yeah MS screwed up the launch and whatever, but you don't sell 25M consoles on hype alone.

Paytaa1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

@xHeavYx I'm not using the "hype card". There's a reason PS4 is selling the way it is. It's first impressions was what made my intent to get a PS4 over Xbox One no questions asked. They didn't botch anything and stayed true to their vision which I applaud. Yeah things have changed and I now prefer Xbox One but thats due in part to PS4's success. I'm not naive enough to believe it's all based on hype but you can't deny that the Internet helps hype anything up which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

I may look like an Xbox-only fan but I for one am glad Microsoft got the beating they did by Sony because it created a better console. I want both consoles to succeed but I do want the one who was originally the more consumer-centric one to lead (PS4).

Sales don't really mean anything to me personally since I enjoy what is tailored to me but PS4's sales are a feat because they basically saved classic console gaming for at least one more generation.

Plus the sales show a healthy console market which is always a good sign.

Edit: Remember when the 360 had market control? Sony worked their asses off to stop that and they did and ended up outselling the 360. The PS3 was my favorite Playstation because of the effort Sony put in to it to make it the best it could. Xbox One is in the same position right now and since PS4 is selling so well it's making Xbox One a better console. Will it overtake PS4 in sales? No which is quite obvious but that's not the point. PS4 did a lot for modern gaming and they deserve the "win" this generation.

miyamoto1752d ago

The fan bases also have a huge influence on the reception and success of the 3 platforms: Wii U, Xbox One and PS4.

Wii U
Ndub Nation, DocTre81, Black baron,

Xbox One
crapgamer, nextgen720, the red dragon, mooch 78, blacky lebowski

PewDiepie, Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, BrokengamezHD,

nix1752d ago

Xbox 1 and PS3 are two different things. Xbox1 is MS' best/fastest selling console. PS3 was Sony's worst selling console.

If you look at the sales history, it's in the same trajectory. Now add PS4 in this chart. It's selling as fast as 360 and PS3 put together. Now that's how fast PS4 has pulled off. Dreaming Xbox1 is going to become like PS3, even remotely is just being delusional.

360 had RROD that made people buy it more than twice. Hell they added HDMI later that made probably everyone rebuy one. 360 number is so inflated.

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_-EDMIX-_1752d ago

? Hype doesn't just sell systems, someone is buying a PS4 to play something on. All 3 market their systems, period.

If that was the case, why isn't Wii U doing PS4 numbers? Did it not release first? Would gamers not be "eager" to own the first next gen system?

lol, I mean...have you not seen N4G? Pretty sure we have people that "hype" up all 3 systems, yet only 1 system is pushing huge PS2 numbers, funny enough by the same company.

Its not some fad, its not based on "hype" its not due to "eager" consumers lol, its likely do to the simple logic of it being a better device, at a affordable price, having a proven track record on support, being recognized world wide in terms of quality titles etc.

As the console we are saying is currently selling the most, is also by the company that has sold the most consoles then Nintendo and MS combined, not even just this gen...ALL GENS COMBINED they've sold the most consoles!

Sooooooo not sure I can just chalk it up to "hype" or "eager" fans. I mean.....we are ignoring that this companies worst selling system is like 90 million or something lol

...their worst is around 90 sure its just based on "hype" or "eager" fans?

Thatguy-3101752d ago

God some of you guys really need to loosen up a bit. You are a blind individual if you don't think that hype had a lot to do with the success of the ps4. You bring up the wii u like if anyone was looking forward to it. You just like everyone knows Nintendo's console had no match regardless if it came out first simply because it was Nintendo no hype surrounded that thing. Ps3/360/industry waited 7 years for new consoles so the long wait made everyone rush to get one. Then bring in the fact that we have a big emphasis on social media now a days and you can clearly see what people are going for which make future buyers lean more to said console. The Playstation brand is the strongest gaming brand because of its worldwide appeal but don't be ignorant and discount the many other factors that played out leading to the PS4 domination.

_-EDMIX-_1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

@dboy-bud not for 4 generations. Something is being offered by PS world wide that clearly many recognize.

No more free online, no more MGS, or FF exclusive, no more DVD only or hell even Bluray online...the reality excuse for why PS4 is selling this way other then merely being the better console.

360 sold well (for MS's standards) last gen because they had the better 3rd party games in terms of performance...period.

That is happening right now with PS4, last gen Sony sold more PS3's then MS did 360's with a higher price, a system that had performance that was weaker in terms of 3rd parties released and it still sold better.

The idea of "hype" selling a system just doesn't make sense in terms of some blind excitement as it tries to downplay what the company is doing right.

Wii did a lot of things right for casuels and the sales reflected that.

360 did a lot of things right in terms of designing a system to perform properly....the sales reflected that.

PS3 did well with having world wide exclusives and long term support and it STILL selling reflects that as well.

" The Playstation brand is the strongest gaming brand because of its worldwide appeal"

Or is it because of gaming focused concepts, bringing and supporting new series every gen, supporting both the east and the west etc on why it has the strongest appeal?

It has the appeal because of the strength of its history with core gaming values vs gimmicks, its diversity, support of new gaming ips and treating the gaming medium like the future of computer entertainment vs a toy...

I mean...could you not state the Nintendo's history and lineage is why they are doing well today? LMFAO! SOOOOOOO yet Wii U is yet another failed system by them?

SOoo why isn't that little theory held up to one of the oldest gaming companies in history? I'm sorry but PS is selling because it has a proven track record of delivering, even the worst selling PS STILL delivered on all fronts with those concepts with the exception of its poor performance in comparison to 360 with 3rd party games.

"Then bring in the fact that we have a big emphasis on social media now a days"

???? Why isn't Wii U winning then? I'm sorry but people don't just spend $400 on just blind hype.

You can't just chalk up all success to some sort of "hype" its such a small degree its not even funny, I'm sorry but something has to clearly being done right by Sony for PS4 to be beating out even PS2 right now in sales. You can't just use some weak card like they've manipulated folks the best or something lol

You don't even have anything solid to suggest PS4 shouldn't be receiving such sales.

Especially when you add up that they've sold the MOST out of MS and Nintendo in total consoles sales of ALL CONSOLES!

Thatguy-3101752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

For a console to sale that much what do you think has given it the big head start then? Please enlighten me. Don't give such a broaden answer like "better console". There is a reason that even Sony is surprised that it took off so well. They haven't dropped any big titles that have pushed people to buy the system. So how is it the best? The games that are pushing the system right now are purely multiplatform games. So how is it currently beign the better console if we were to go with that reasoning?

_-EDMIX-_1752d ago

@dboy- "For a console to sale that much what do you think has given it the big head start then?"

For starters price. Its affordable enough for those who want to jump to next gen to buy into faster then the PS3 prior. Something being the "best" doesn't actually mean all that want it, can afford it, look at PS3's launch. With PS3 outselling 360, it very much goes to show you that PS3 could have had a waaaaay better launch at a better price as many who wanted PS3 day 1 could have gotten it vs waiting for the price drop.

"They haven't dropped any big titles that have pushed people to buy the system."

? They launched with Killzone and Knack, then went on to release Infamous 3, The Order, Driveclub, Bloodborne etc.

I think your a bit confused based on your still living in this console fanboy war of "exclusives, exclusives, exclusives"

Contrary to popular belief....exclusives don't really sell consoles, the reality is 3rd party support does. Sony, MS, Nintendo etc are not the juggernauts....3RD PARTIES ARE! Software makes MORE money then hardware, that is a 100% solid fact.

Thus...those 3rd parties have more control and more to do with a consoles success then merely exclusives. Exclusives are nice...they are not pushing COD or AC numbers etc.

People buy consoles to play games, the best games are MOST TIMES 3rd party games why? Like I stated before, they are the juggernauts, they can afford to make those Fallouts, Far Crys, CODs, ACs, BFs etc.

Over the generations its been clear that lack of third party support not exclusives will kill a console. Period.

How? Well look at the history and the numbers.

Dreamcast....CHALK FULL OF EXCLUSIVES, didn't have 3rd party support, failed. Same with Gamecube, and clearly same with the Wii U.

What PS3, or 360 did 40 million? I mean....even 20 million? Sooooo how could exclusives sell consoles if neither MS nor Sony have ANY IP currently that has ever sold such an amount? Would that not sorta make sense if you factor your logic? Shouldn't the best selling games on those platforms be "exclusives"?

Yet COD is doing 25 million EVERY YEAR, yet AC is doing HUGE millions.

Could you not question PS1? It sold 110 million....what PS1 game sold the PS1? You know of a PS1 exclusive game that even a quarter of the install base bought based on PS1?

The same with PS2 and PS3...neither had any exclusive that some how sold the platform..., its because this myth that exclusives sell consoles doesn't really make much sense.

People bought a PS4 because its the best place on console to play ALL 3rd party games if not MOST....period. ON TOP of Sony's library of exclusive.

You can't just live off of exclusives as look at Wii U... I LOVE Bloodborne...but it sold 2 million units, not 20 million. People buy next gen to play ALL GAMES, not merely just exclusives as its shown with the numbers that folks are in it for all games.

NOT JUST MS's published games or Sony's published games. You could make the same tired argument about PS1, PS2 and PS3.....but you'd have to question if your theory on exclusives is correct, how come those last 3 systems pulled 80 million units? As neither of them have some magic game series that the whole install base bought a PS JUST to play. "software makes more money then hardware"

Funny thing too, I bought my PS4 at launch for BF4!!! Shows what you know lolz.

Phill-Spencer1752d ago


They only blind indivuals are your kind. You just can't handle the fact that the xbox brand will never be as popular as the playstation brand. The only reasons 360 came real close to ps3 is the fact that 360 had released long before ps3 so alot of gamers chose the first avaible next gen console. And then there are the inflated numbers caused by rrod and first generation of 360 without hdmi . And there there is the probably most important fact that 3rd party games performed better on 360.

If ps3 had released around the same time and 3rd party games performed better(like they did at the end of that generation) 360 numbers would have been nowhere near ps3's

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miyamoto1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

What is the reason behind the phenomenal popularity of the PlaySaviour 4 that Sony can not explain:

Which group of gamers have the most numbers outside the hardcore console hobby gamers?

You are right. The new generation of the PlayStation Nation!

The millions of casual gamers that got introduced to mobile gaming 5 years ago have gotten older and now wants a deeper gaming experience.

The PS4 got the perfect timing to release and is reaping the benefits at record breaking speed!

I bet the so called analysts who wanted console gaming dead did not see this thing coming.

Mobile gaming has become the training ground for future hardcore console hobby gamers!

Many friends of mine who are parents come up to me asking what is a PS4 and the best and cheapest way to buy it for their kids.

This is no secret for Sony they know this is the reason and they are ready to take full advantage by engaging the casual gamer.


"We can't rest easy."
BY BRIAN ALBERT Fergal Gara, PlayStation UK's managing director, said the PlayStation 4 needs to continue its successful first year on the market by broadening its more casual gaming audience.

When asked by Red Bull about what's next for the PS4, Gara said:

"I'd like it to continue with the innovation stream I just talked about [with Share Play, PlayStation TV, PlayStation Now, and Project Morpheus], but also what we want to see in the next year or two is a bigger mass market play, shall we say.

So in order to broaden and perhaps fill the void that's being left latent by, say, the Wii -- which is a shadow of its former self -- we need to have the kind of product that will engage the more casual consumer. I think that's a big opportunity for us, and that's not yet clear on the horizon, but something we should and I'm sure will be focused on as we look forward into year two, three, and four."

Gara credited the PS4's success to Sony's innovation and gamer-focused direction. "It's a great start," he continued, "but we can't rest easy. We must keep exciting and delighting gamers -- and of course broadening the audience as we go."

Sony's system continues to outpace the PS2 and challenge the Wii as the fastest-selling console."

The PS4 is also riding the wave of hugely popular social media Let's Players playing PS4 games like Until Dawn and Dragon Quest Builders in Japan.

PS4 has became the new darling of casual gamers (since the Wii) without trying to be casual and still retain its hardcore gaming community.

Phenomenal indeed.

Eonjay1752d ago

Don't get it twisted, Sony knew exactly what they were doing with the PS4. They even modeled it after the PS2.

CanadianTurtle1752d ago

These types of delusional articles are written by pricks who prey on delusional fanboys for "clicks." No wonder every other gaming forum talks shit about N4G...

gamejediben1752d ago

At this point, Sony has lead the industry almost uninterrupted for 20 years. People don't say "We're playing video games" anymore. They say "We're playing PlayStation".

That's called dominance.

Nintendo and Microsoft are putting up a great fight. Nintendo has tons of high quality 1st party exclusives releasing every year (not to mention, dominating the handheld market) and Microsoft has a very user friendly set up with their own exclusive line up. But they are just background noise now.

Sony has become the standard by which all others are judged.

So lets stop talking and arguing about sales now. That fight is over. Lets just play some awesome games and have fun.

andresegr1752d ago

InB4 some guy mentions the Wii.

I agree 100% with you. The Playstation has been dominating the industry since the Ps1, including the Ps3. The Wii just doesnt count for me, that was a pathetic console that almost derails the industry into a casual blackhole.

P.D. I had the Wii, im talking from first hand.

Ck1x1752d ago

The ps2 was a major casual console late in its life though... it doesn't negate everything else that the console brought to the market just because they want sales from the casual players.

1752d ago
marloc_x1752d ago

Sony has no interest in the casual market..


Ck1x1752d ago

The biggest difference between both consoles is that the ps2 got a major sales boom because it was the cheapest DVD player around and it had just about every major 3rd party Japanese game as exclusives. The PS4 is selling good now but it won't likely see such a dramatic sales increase like the ps2 did late in its lifetime.