EA Vows To Not Make 'Crappy' Licensed Games, Pushes Original Content

Stephen Totilo writes:

"The EA that brought you "Catwoman" and other unsavory licensed games is no more, the head of EA told me. Original content is king.

Goodbye, licensed games about women running across rooftops stealing stuff. Hello, original games about women running across rooftops stealing stuff.

To be specific, EA isn't abandoning the development of licensed games. The company is just refusing to make "crappy" licensed games.

So promised the head of the company to me while we chatted at EA's booth at E3 last month..."

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Le-mo3818d ago

How about promising not to make crappy games altogether?

solidjun53818d ago

How about you ask for something more manageable? Like World Peace.

DavidMacDougall3818d ago

Its EA even if they make a really good game they will shoot themself in the foot by makin you pay for stupid things in DLC

whylocojay3818d ago

Please make good games...

Arsenic133818d ago

With Dead Space and Mirror's Edge it looks like they are doing pretty good on new IPs so far.

Drekken3818d ago

EA had their span of crap games. I think they would really like to make a turnabout, but lets see how well they do. First step would be to stop using UE3. Its old.

I love their Live series, I will buy that game every year... but they had a lot of disappointments last few years.


Does that mean no more sports updates each and every year?...........

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