Pokemon GO! And A Sneak Peak At Nintendo’s Mobile Strategy

Months after first announcing that they would be partnering with DeNA to bring games to mobile, Nintendo has revealed their first mobile game: Pokemon GO!, a game in which you use AR to search for and battle with Pokemon in the real world. A lot of interesting stuff can be gleaned from this announcement, as it is Nintendo’s first ever announced mobile game: indeed, it may just hint as to what else is coming from Nintendo on the mobile front.

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3-4-51174d ago

I like that they are getting help from other companies for the mobile stuff so they don't waste their good dev teams on this stuff.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1174d ago

uh this isn't apart of DeNA and Nintendo.

This is Nintendo and Pokemon Company. Creating an app to build more audience for the Pokemon franchise.

Last time I checked they have already succeeded on that with over 11m views on Pokemon Go! Announcement video on Pokemon Company International YouTube Channel.

N4g_null1174d ago

Yeah its not really nintendo it's a company called Niantic. They are doing the heavy lifting and the Pokémon Co is providing game play. If this ties into the account system then it will be the hugest thing. Then if nintendo can intice them with the nx handheld it is going to be a sweet start. Hopefully the early talk of it being cross platform are true. You will see a resurrection of sorts.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1174d ago

Nintendo owns Pokemon. Nintendo get the final say on what goes on mobile.

I am not saying Nintendo is developer. I am saying Nintendo is the one who approved it.

N4g_null1174d ago

Ok got that. It's important for people to understand nintendo is not spreading it self thin. Console and pc 3rd party don't want to help nintendo but mobile devs are ready. In fact these are the new school.